Home Improvements – HOW TO Make Your Renovation Less Stressful

Construction doesn’t have to be stressful if you can consolidate your needs under one roof.

To renovate you need input from a designer and a contractor, they are the two main components in your renovation. The designer helps bring your vision to life, the contractor tells you what can be done and what can be done within your budget. Working together with the two you can get all the information you need without scheduling several appointments or without doing too many revisions to make it all work.

Hasco Home’s Design Concierge Service is a great resource if you would like to work with a designer to achieve the desired look for your space that suits your specific style and taste. Our service includes design concepts, a detailed floor plan and management of your project from creation through to completion. Our designers have wide-ranging experience from kitchen to bathrooms, BBQ areas, pools and more. Our designers will get your budget and then consult our experienced Contractor at Hasco Construction, Ltd. with what can be done and the cost.

Your Designer will then coordinate the purchase of all your finishes such as kitchen cabinetry, countertops, and flooring and liaison with the contractor to make sure your supplies are on island when you need them and that the design is being installed per your vision.

Hasco Group of companies also has an imports service. You can easily import appliances, plumbing and electrical fixtures, household furniture and any items you need from overseas and Hasco Imports can coordinate the shipping, customs process and delivery process for you.

Whether you’re building your home, renovating an office or looking for new cabinetry or furniture – Hasco has you covered. With their concierge style design service, custom imports service and skilled tradesman Hasco can design, supply, build and install. No project is too big or small. Doing all this under one roof means, less meetings, less time and less stress!  Sit back, relax and watch your vision come to life; for you to enjoy for years to come.

You can contact Hasco on 238-0198, email home@hasco.bm or visit www.hascohome.bm

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