Making fruits and vegetables available, accessible, and sustainable by this GROW.EAT.$AVE workshop supports the Ministry of Health’s vision. This workshop encourages the planting of varieties of fruits and vegetables to support eating five servings daily, which can assist in reducing risks of some lifestyle preventable diseases. In the development and maintenance of a productive garden digging, hoeing, pulling and raking are just some of the activity required. All supports a strategy for HEAL-Healthy Eating Active Living. Mentally planning and strategizing while using native resources, being mindful of the environment are great benefits in keeping the mind and family unified and active for “Healthy People in Healthy Communities”. The GROW.EAT.$AVE workshop meets most of the tenets of both the Ministry and Department of Health.


Firstly, it teaches Bermudian unique culture in the tried and tested methods that farmers know work best seasonally. Knowing what, where, when to plant, grow and harvest as well as what free natural fertilizer resources available to us.

Secondly, it teaches environmental responsibility as instructed by the Environmental Protection Officer, that not every plant, insect or chemical is best suited to maintain flora balance within our community. It encourages recycling of waste and proper use of water just two other environmentally sustainable initiatives.

Thirdly, it supports social interaction. Working in teams with volunteer group leaders encourages teamwork, innovation, and problem solving. Within each plot, are different personalities, abilities and gifts all working to grow together! Inspiration to achieve more at individual homes is the goal. What more can one ask for? Growing to sell maybe!

This workshop is the seed the country needs to be able to plant more community gardens in every parish. To increase in the ability to share what you have learned with your countrymen and see what produce can be gleaned all help our future as we all work together towards “Making Bermuda Healthier”!

NOTE: The class meeting protocols have been updated to meet the COVID guidelines of maximum meeting size, prescreening, masking and keeping 6 ft. apart and virtual classes to ensure the safety of all attendees.

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