BUSINESS PROFILE – General Project Systems Ltd. (GPS)

Turning Service Providers into Service Masters!

General Project System (GPS) is a tech company run by Enrico Escolastica and Don-Ira Philip Rodriguez that develops digital tools for service providers. Professionals can access an online platform where they can connect with clients and manage their business.

5 Benefits of GPS for Contractors:

  1. Manage your agreements with clients with a few taps and swipes with the GPS “Connect Flow” where you can auto-generate agreements and sign them online.
  2. Send proposals and quotes to your clients with ease with the GPS proposal tool, just pick your start and end date, pick the services you’re providing, YOU decide your pricing and how you want to be paid, and quickly send it to a client.
  3. Automated invoicing is a must-have as a service provider. With this tool, you can generate invoices automatically based on your proposal and agreement without you having to do anything to the invoice.
  4. You can download your agreements and invoices to your device right from the platform. So you can always back up your contracts and invoices.
  5. Manage the jobs you have with the Task Manager. You can add steps to notify your client of your progress without having to call them or send a message.


An extra benefit for clients is that you can find a service provider simply by just going to our website and checking the market.

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