Get Ready! It’s Hurricane Season

Making sure you’re safe during the storm!

Investing in storm protection for our homes is one of life’s necessities when living on an island. We know it can be quite expensive… but the price of NOT doing it can be far more. If you have lived in Bermuda long enough, you’ve surely experienced a storm or 2 or even the thrill of weathering out a Hurricane and know how much damage can occur.

At TreeCon, we are experts in the field of storm protection of every type. We realise that the style of storm protection can widely vary based on personal preference. Some may choose the classic tried and true Bermuda Shutters while other go a step farther by installing hurricane screens or roller shutters depending on what you prefer. We have some clients who prefer an alternative to standard plywood and go with the quick installation of polycarbonate sheets, which are easy to install, just as easy to take down after the storm.

The most important part of weathering the storm, is making sure you and your family, home and business are secure and TreeCon is here for YOU! Here are some great tips and tricks to weather the storm will not only guide you but potentially save you loads of money.

1. Create a Check List

The first thing tackle when looking to upgrade your storm protection is to create a check list. Go through your home and take note of the areas that are of concern or potential weak spots during a storm. This will help guide you when making decisions. If you’re not exactly sure where you should start or what to do our technicians at TreeCon are always available to assist. Have one of our team members come out and assess your home, give you our best suggestion and provide a FREE estimate for storm protection.

2. French Doors

Most French doors or double doors have an active and an inactive or fixed door. Check to see how the fixed door is secured at the top and bottom and that all pieces are working. For added strength you can install slide locks (also called head and foot bolts) at the top and bottom.

3. Assess Your Hardware

Spend some time on each window, blind and door to look at all of the latches, catches and/or barrel bolts to ensure that they are secure AND that they are not rusted. Again, make a checklist and replace any hardware that is looking questionable.

4. Garage Doors

Test your garage doors to ensure that all the mechanisms are working correctly and that the locking system is secure. If you have any concerns schedule a service appointment! Our trained technicians are qualified to service any garage door system and can ensure that your garage system is up to par and that it is storm ready.

5. Windows

These cause us the most concern during a storm. Once you are confident that your hardware is up to scratch, start to look at additional ways that you can add protection. While most of us rely on the classic Bermuda Shutters there may areas that need more. This is where roller shutters, hurricane screens and the polycarbonate sheets come in which are our most common options. We keep the Polycarbonate Panels in stock if you are looking to upgrade for this season!

If you’re feeling overwhelmed at this point DON’T be! Get in touch via email on or give us a call 295-4771 and arrange a FREE consultation – we want to keep you, and Bermuda, safe and secure this hurricane season.

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