Extra Care During Stormy Season

With warm weather here we usually look to getting outdoors and creating spaces that are perfect for us. Home projects get started and many of us get to tiling or re-grouting areas to prep for a busy summer season. However, with that warmer weather also comes wind and rain and the occasional hurricane. That could mean some definite repercussions for your tile and stone be it old or new.

There are a number of issues that can effect your tile and stone during and after a storm. Between humidity, water & moisture damage and heavy winds they may be in need of some extra care.

Most natural stones are porous. Heavy rain and wind can cause water and moisture to penetrate the stone from not only the surface, but also from the sides (through the grout) and from the substrate (below the stone).

Almost all tile or stone products can benefit from a good sealing. Many products on the market, such as Laticrete, have been designed to beautify and protect the surfaces of stone, tile, and grout. This will not only keep water and moisture damage to a minimum but also protect it from other debris and liquids.

It’s preferable to seal and protect your tile or stone during installation. For tile or stone areas that are already installed, there are ways to protect them for upcoming storms. Use a water repellent penetrating sealer, such as Laticrete Hydro Ban Waterproofing.

Heavy winds are also a major issue for older tile and stone areas. Make sure to check all your areas for any loose tiles and get them prepared as soon as possible. Consider re-grouting for really damaged areas and watch for mold or mildew.

So while your making your plans for summer or your next demo project take the time to think about your tile or stone, do it right and factor in all types of weather.

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