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Selecting the Perfect Tile to Complete your Bathroom

When it comes to bathrooms you have to admit tile is key, it is what is going to make or break your design. Your options may seem endless when choosing the type of stone, tile, texture & color and how it’s going to be laid out. We asked the experts for some advice!

Make a statement; why not use the smallest room to express yourself. You could go for opulent luxury, off the wall trendy, something to make you smile or stark minimalism. Here are our tips for your next stone and tile project….

  1. From the tile type down to how the stone and/or tile is going to be laid out needs to be thought of from the beginning. Double check the sizing of the stone & tile and plan out where they are going. The less cuts you have to make the better.
  2. As soon as you choose how your bathroom will be laid out you’ll be able to narrow down styles and materials based on your needs and taste. For example, consider natural stone, ceramic, or porcelain tile if you’re installing tile on counters or floors. Opt for glass tile for a wall or backsplash.
  3. Tiles can add real value to your home, so be prepared to spend a little extra time and money. The cost of tile and stone vary, from the $3-4 a square foot range to $45-50. Also consider under floor heating and sound proofing. It can add a bit luxury and comfort at a surprisingly small cost.
  4. Light colored bathroom stone & tiles can make small bathrooms look bigger as they reflect the light more, giving an airy and spacious feel to your bathroom. Using the same color wall tiles as the floor tiles can also give your bathroom a spacious effect.
  5. The latest trend is larger tiles. They can open up a room and, with fewer cuts and grout lines, give your space a cleaner look. However, take note of the spacing between your washbasin, toilet, windows, etc. If the spacing is very compact small tiles may be the better option as they will ‘flow’ better than larger tiles and require less cuts.
  6. If you want to create a more spa like space consider natural stone tiles in your bathroom such as travertine, marble or slate. These can create some fantastic effects and give your space a feel of luxury.
  7. Keep cleaning in mind when selecting tiles. If you dislike cleaning your shower, use larger slabs or glass panels, since they making cleaning much easier than small mosaic-type tiles.
  8. Keep in mind that installation costs will vary depending on the size of the area, intricacy of the tile design, and the tile chosen. Also some unique areas cannot be quoted using a square foot rate. These can be areas such as kitchen backsplashes, scum line tile in swimming pools, and some smaller projects.

In the end installation should always be performed by an experienced professional. This will avoid failures, future issues, and replacement costs. Not to mention, the quality of the installation will make your products look superior. Not matter what your style you can have the bathroom you’ve always dreamed about. Make a statement with something truly you.


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