Newly Renovated Home? 6 Expert Artwork Tips for Your New Space!

From Global Art Advisor, Holly Mazar-Fox (Founder & CEO of Mazar-Fox Art Consulting Ltd.)

A home renovation is an exciting endeavor, transforming your living spaces into personal expressions of style, taste and comfort – art is an integral part of that transformation.
Artwork can bring that “wow” factor to any home, while also creating a window into your own personal collecting journey. Whether an heirloom passed down from generation to generation to a new work by a contemporary artist, each serving as wonderful stories that represent you. Art brings joy and memories to every home…hence, worth being showcased with love!
We’ve put together a shortlist of tips to help with your
renovation plans:

1. Hold on Tight to Your Art Budget:

Artwork is an integral part of any interior space, be sure to include (and stick to) an art budget when you are first discussing your renovations goals. This can also include setting aside funds for new artwork or even new framing. In my experience, projects more often than not go over budget, by completion, none of the funds are left over for artwork purchases. Artwork is the very last step, but important part of these projects and can be put off if not listed as a priority.

2. Be Mindful of Bermuda’s Climate:

Although our island presents the perfect backdrop to any home, unfortunately, due to the heavy humidity and proximity to the ocean, artwork easily succumbs to mold. Make sure your artwork is properly framed (in the case of works on paper; prints and photographs), in a climate-controlled area and not in front of the sunlight. It’s definitely worth consulting an expert if you need advice on where to place your artwork.

3. Refresh Your Current Artwork:

A home renovation is the perfect opportunity to reassess your current art collection. Perhaps your new home will be more modern in aesthetic or have larger walls therefore your artwork might not fit with this new style or design. Therefore, it might be time to sell some of your artwork and free up some capital to buy new artwork. Museums do this all the time to fund new acquisitions!

4. Breathe New Life into Your Existing Collection:

Renovations are great opportunities to reinstall artwork in different rooms and spaces, through a new curatorial lens, breathing new life into your collection. It’s a wonderful way to “recycle” your artwork – placed in a new location you’ll come to appreciate aspects of the art you perhaps haven’t noticed before.

5. Try Something New:

Don’t be afraid to mix and match different media and styles — your dream home should be a reflection of you and your taste. Have you always wanted a bold and abstract work to greet your guests in your entrance? Many galleries and artists will loan you the work for a short period, “a trial” to allow clients to live with the artwork before purchasing.
Why not venture into the newest wave of art collecting by showcasing, Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs)? Mostly digital artworks, these can be shown on a screen, many of which are animated giving your art collection a vibrant new feel.

6. Art Insurance:

Like all of our luxury goods, artwork needs to be insured. Depending on your current policy, this can be added to your contents insurance or under your Private Client policy, catering to high-end clients around the world. Please note, if your artwork does hold significant value, it should be insured properly and with a specialist art insurer. Again, it is worth contacting an expert who can assist you with art insurance policies.

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