Energy Efficiency – the the new normal for Air Conditioning

As we march on past COVID 19 through the remainder of 2020, the upcoming years will be dominated once again by the onset of climate change. The planet is warming up, it only makes economic sense for homeowners to seek out the best ways to manage their home efficiency.

Gone are the bulky central air conditioner systems and retro fit “window air-conditioning” units, which both are now seen as inefficient and costly to run. Ductless air conditioners are now the new normal for most homes. These are rated by energy efficiency, SEER (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio) to indicate how energy efficient the air conditioner is during the cooling or heating season, at varying temperatures. It’s important when purchasing a new air conditioner to always ask the SEER rating.

Ductless air conditioners in Bermuda have become so popular that you can see at least one on the side of a home or building wherever you drive around the island. The look of these cumbersome units can really detract from the classic Bermudian architecture and local charm of a building or house.

Have you even noticed how hot these outdoor machines can get in the Bermuda Sun?

We equate this to a process referred to as ‘solar gain’ and you don’t have to look far in Bermuda to understand this concept. It’s shown in the way that for over 100 years we’ve been painting our roofs white and effectively reflecting approximately 66% of this ‘solar gain’! On our outdoor units this heat can lead to major inefficiencies!

So how do we make our houses look great AND avoid our outdoor units heating up?

The answer is simple! Using the classic Bermuda Roof as inspiration, the CoolRoof was designed, to help these outdoor machines maintain their efficiencies by means of reflecting ‘solar gain’. The CoolRoof helps to greatly reduce the heat on the outdoor equipment, while also acting as both a covering from weather for the equipment’s electronic parts.

A team of local Bermudians designed and manufactured the CoolRoof in Bermuda. It has been installed since August 2019 in several locations, which we can proudly say that due to its durable fiberglass shell, all survived the last hurricane with no damage. CoolRoof can fit many of the major distributors of Air Conditioners including Gree and Mitsubishi.

Contact Stuart at CoolRoof on 707-0400 or email for an assessment and quote and protect your Air Conditioning investment.

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