Refresh or Overhaul? 7 Tips to Create Your Dream Bathroom!

Expert Advice from Akilah Swan, Principle Designer & Creative Director at Aina Curated

When it comes to home design and renovation there’s no question that the bathroom contributes to the overall feel of the house as well as its value. Whether it’s a simple refresh or a major overhaul consider the following strategies for a successful bathroom design.

1. Maximise the Daylighting

Who doesn’t love a sun filled room with a view! If your property allows for it go ahead and enlarge those windows and incorporate an indoor-outdoor experience into your daily bathing routine. But if the need for privacy is dominant you still don’t have to sacrifice fresh air and natural light. Consider a clerestory window instead of a traditional sash window. It will accomplish daylighting needs and address privacy concerns. Another option is to add solar tube lighting in the ceiling as it also brings in natural lighting and maintains privacy.

2. Focus on Ambient Lighting

Next to natural lighting, be sure to consider the type of artificial light that you introduce. This is both an opportunity to create a mood within the bathroom and also make a definitive style statement. Lighting is easily replaced so go bold or go home!

3. Put Your Style on Display with Tile

The tile that you choose, not just its colour and size, but its texture; rough, smooth, glossy, matte, it all works together to create a style story for your bathroom. Considering a timeless look on a tight budget? Go for marble-look porcelain tile for a clean sophisticated feel. Or are you wanting a more natural, spa-like feel, consider slatted wood-look tile. Bolder tiles like handmade zellige also offer a timeless look in a plethora of colour options.

4. Change Up the Taps

Brass, Brushed Nickel, Matte Black, Aged Bronze, there are so many options to choose from when it comes to selecting faucets and fittings. To help widdle down the choices, consider what other elements in the design are inspiring you. Is it a light fixture, the tile, or a custom-made sink? Allow these elements to anchor the design and guide finishing touches like the hardware colour.  Also, consider the balance of tones in the room. Do you like high contrast? Then bright hardware like brass and satin nickel against a deeper toned tile and vanity is a direction you can go in or just the opposite using matte black on a lighter scheme.

5. Update the Vanity & Countertop

Updating the vanity, toilet, and even converting an old tub to a shower can provide a substantial lift and much need change to the space.

6. Add a Touch of Glass

Swapping out that shower rod and curtain for a glass shower enclosure immediately enlarges the space visually as well as brings a high-end finish.

7. Mirror Mirror

Personalise the space with finishing touches like a statement mirror, wall-hung plants, and other decor items. Even these small gestures can have great impact on the look of the bathroom.

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