Walnuts to fix wood scratches
Rubbing a walnut over scratches in your wood furniture can disguise dings and scrapes.

Ice Cube Magic
Place an ice cube on a carpet indentation and Let it melt. Once the carpet is wet, use your fingers to fluff the flbers and the carpet back to normal.

Wine Rack Genius
Wine racks make great towel holders and provide an interesting look in your bathroom.

Flip Flop Storage
Use letter organizers to store flip-flops or flats and keep your closet organised.

Hammer & Nails Solution
Glue a magnet to the bottom of your hammer and keep nails easily at hand while you work on your project.

Paint Can Rubber Band
Place a rubber band around a paint can to wipe your brush and keep the paint off the side of the can.

Mask the Paint Smell
Add some vanilla extract to your paint. It won’t effect the color but it will help mask the smell of paint fumes.

Unique Chalkboards
Turn an ordinary mirror into a spectacular chalkboard using chalkboard paint and a bold paint colour on the frame.

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