Design Hacks to upgrade your life!

Keep your furniture away from the walls

When everything is pushed up against the sides of a room, it can look cluttered and messy. If you keep your couches, tables, chairs, and other items away from the walls it will create a feeling of having more space

Use teapots instead of regular vases

If you don’t have a vase on hand or just want to try a new idea, cut your flowers down and place them in a cute teapot.

Light an array of candles in an unused fireplace

Firewood! Who needs it?? Add a few photos in there for an added DIY touch.

Dress up your headboard

If you’re tired of your headboard but can’t afford to have it reupholstered or replaced, try draping a piece of fabric (try a thin blanket or a large scarf) over your headboard to transform the look.

Use a hollowed-out book to hide an unsightly router

If you’re averse to the idea of desecrating books for the sake of home decor, try using a binder or a pretty photo album instead.

Hang a mirror behind a lamp

A designer trick for making rooms appear bigger and brighter is to hang a mirror behind a lamp. The light from the lamp will bounce off of the mirror for a brighter effect.

Find smaller plants for a clean look

Get rid of big, bulky plants in your house that cause too much clutter. Instead, try finding small plants that are low-maintenance so that they will look clean and healthy without taking up too much space.

Tie shower curtains on with bows 

Avoid the rust that comes with using metal rings and achieve a unique design look in your bathroom.

Turn ladders into shoe racks

We’ve seen ladders used for everything from towel racks to bookshelves, but this is just as pretty as it is practical.





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