Design Details – Getting the Most Out of Your Home

When it comes to your home it’s usually the details that make the biggest difference.
From what you put in your home to how you present it to other people, to all the little design elements that make you love your space. It’s what makes a house your home.

Many of us forget these little things, but they have a huge impact in a space. The classic furnishings or that quirky fixture are what makes it yours and makes you love living there. At the end of the day, if you don’t feel at home in your own home then its time to re assess! This issue we give you tips and insights from our favorite experts to help you improve your space to create your dream home.

We sat down with our Interior Design winners of our 2018 Contractors Awards, By Design, for tips and advice on what’s trending and what to focus on when creating your own space. With years of experience as designers, Founder Patricia Crouch and Partner Jill Henneberger gave us their thoughts on all the details that go into designing a home.

What’s the first thing people should think about when considering designing a space?

First of all don’t try to take on everything at once. It can be hard for people to see both the larger end picture and all the details that need to go into it to make it happen. It’s important they plan well so as not to  end up spending more than they thought or get frustrated it’s not coming together the way they thought.

We suggest they  hire a professional who you can relate to, to share the journey and help them avoid pitfalls!

It’s all about getting the most out of your home these days. In your opinion, what spaces are most people forgetting to take advantage of in their homes?

Entry foyers or Entry spaces. We love a good entry as it’s the first impression people get when entering into the home and can be the perfect opportunity to create the style and personality of the homeowner which should be immediately evident. Most people don’t put much thought into this space, and it takes some creative thought to tie it into the rest of the house.

As well most people forget about their closet or cabinet storage. There are opportunities everywhere to make the best use of space, and lots of hacks for storage ideas you can find online! With the right organization, spaces can be so efficient, and useful,  if you research how  to make them work   best for you.

What are some main design details most people overlook when designing a space?

Consideration of proper lighting options. Selection of type of fixture, dimming capability, energy efficiency and correct placement will definitely affect the overall practical and aesthetic enjoyment of any space.

What would you say are the top 3 design trends emerging this year?

There is a huge resurgence of warm metals like gold, copper and brass, in furniture, hardware, and lighting. We also love the trend of blending natural elements like wood to soften contemporary interiors and alleviate hard lines. Foliage and plants have typically been used for years indoors in Bermuda, to give people a sense of connection to nature which is very important for the well being of humans, but the use of natural organic materials has become increasingly popular. When appropriate, this is always a beneficial addition to a design concept. Another emerging trend here in Bermuda is clients wanting  a refined, relaxed style for their interiors– balancing their wish list  between comfort and well executed sophistication.

If someone is hopeless at interior design, what are some decor trends or even classic advice  that never goes out of style?

Trends can go out of style so keep it simple. Make sure you consider the functionality of what you are trying to do so that the end result will work, and in that framework start with a core classic piece you won’t tire of , that you absolutely love, and build around it.

Most renters are not allowed to paint or make many changes to the home. How can renters put in their own style in their homes?

Lots of ways! Mostly in the furnishings, paint  and accessories, you can change the entire look of the room. Also taking the time to plan out a layout that works uniquely for you, personalizes a space.

What are some easy tips to help renters hide not so nice features in their homes? (parquet flooring, ugly tile, weird angles or spaces, it’s dark, it’s a super tiny space or outdoor space etc…)

Make choices that take the eye away from the offending features, by using  area rugs that isolate a space and complement the rest of the furnishings; also use light toned  furniture and window treatments in small spaces, and use all the right size pieces for correct scale so the weird angles and crannies are not accentuated.

Smart homes are becoming huge lately, do you love this trend? And what are some easy tips to incorporating it into a home? (I see a lot of smart tech being turned into beautiful design pieces to hide in plain sight, or used for lighting etc..)

Integrated systems that make a home “smart” are popular, however owners need to be aware of the running costs of programming and upgrading as technology changes. Typically this would be implemented in new construction or major renovations. We do recommend it is always a good idea to centralize your electronics in one area like a closet, concealing wiring and equipment but making it easy to access.

How important do you think sustainability has become for homeowners in their decorating & design? Do you think the types of materials etc. used to build each item are important when designing a space?

Sustainability is increasingly important. In renovations you can choose to install energy and water efficient fixtures, use materials that are sustainable such as quartz countertops, tile flooring, natural fibre rugs
and fabrics. Many manufacturers have eco friendly and sustainable products within their lines.

How easy is it for people to find decor, hardware, and pieces needed to decorate their space in Bermuda? Do most order from away?

Bermuda does offer an array of resources for decorating a space. It is important to know what you are looking for, and your budget, and even if you cannot find everything in stock you may well be able to find core pieces you can buy to lay the groundwork for the overall look you are wanting. Then you can special order either through a retailer, or online to complete your look. If you do order from overseas it is important to calculate the shipping , duty and delivery costs on top of the price to be sure you know what you are spending.

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