Curb Appeal Starts Online

We live in a digital world and like other industries that change due to technology, so does real estate. The notion of curb appeal these days starts well before a potential buyer even gets near to the property.

Before the modern conveniences of the internet and smartphones, potential buyers would form their initial first impression of a property from standing outside in the street or sitting in their car, parked next to the curb.

Statistics show that about 88 percent of home buyers now begin the process on the web, first checking out online listings (like the ones you can find on our site and photos before they even consider going to a property physically.

If a seller’s home is not presented well in the photos or videos of the online listing, the traditional curb appeal is worthless and an amazing home could be left on the market far longer.

This is why online curb appeal is so important.

Obviously photography is key to getting buyers to the front door. You have to treat your online listing just as importantly as you would staging your home. Find the best time of day to shoot each room, avoid too much sunlight (which gives the photos a glow effect) and try overcast days for best results, take out things that don’t show your home at its best – like bikes on the porch or platters on top of the fridge and take pictures from all angles.

Consider using a professional to take your photos or at least make sure your photos are high resolution and done with a lot of attention to detail. Think of your online listing as your first impression and to be taken seriously as your first avenue to getting people to your property. Once they’re in the door  make sure your home delivers all you promised in your photos!

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