Create a Happy Haven in your Home

If you’re a parent you know, you’ll bend over backward to do everything possible to keep your family safe. We all want to create an environment where our family can grow and thrive.  The average home can have a number of safety hazards but most can be addressed pretty easily. There are many ways to feel more empowered in your own home – here are just a few for you:

Extension Cords:

While an extension cord itself isn’t dangerous. The way they are commonly used is. Many people don’t realize there is a voltage capacity, and plug in as much as they can—creating a huge fire hazard. This, coupled with using warn out cords and running them under furniture and carpets, is why extension cords can be a huge risk for a fire in your home.

Get to know your neighbors:

A great way to feel safe in your home and neighborhood is to get to know your neighbors. Not only will you make some new friends you can invite over for dinner or go to a movie with, but you’ll know there’s someone looking out for you. Friendly neighbors will keep an eye on your home and help alert you to any potential problems.

Take a self-defense class:

The more knowledge you have, the better you’ll feel about being home alone. Take a self-defense class
to learn the basics of protecting yourself. These classes are practical and fun, and often are offered at local community centers.

Keep-up Home Maintenance:

Many of us don’t think about carbon monoxide. But it is a growing problem in homes. Prevent leaks by having your HVAC system, water heater, and other appliances that use gas, serviced by a professional every year. When buying a home, have these systems inspected before purchase.

Store Medications Properly:

Prescription misuse is a growing problem in homes, especially in teens and surprisingly seniors. Sharing prescriptions or using expired medication is a growing trend among seniors and a dangerous one. Both over-the-counter and prescription medications need to be kept away from children and teens. Dispose of all unused medications and never leave them out on a counter.

Turn on exterior lights and close the blinds:

Another great technique to feeling safe in your home is to deter criminals from entering. When it gets dark turn on the exterior lights and close the blinds in the house. Lights and sounds deter criminals, so outside lights will keep an intruder away.


All sorts of things in your home can cause burns. It’s more than just while cooking or from candles. Dishwashers or other appliances both pose risk, especially to small children. When convenient, it’s advised that you latch the dishwasher or dryer and use back burners when cooking.


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