Costal Living – Hurricane Style

Let me draw your attention to the house in the accompanying photo,which was taken from a neighbouring property during a recent hurricane.The one that’s being pounded by seawater and facing a rising tide –which eventually submerged the house!

You’d think that the residents would be scrambling around in a panic inside (if they hadn’t left the property altogether!), throwing down towels, sheets and anything they could find to soak up the water that must be coming in torrents through the doors and windows. But no, they were relaxed, unhurried and not worried at all. Because they knew that the aluminium doors and windows, and especially the reinforced shutters, would enable them to ride out this hurricane in comfort. This was quite a different story the previous time when they had been hit by one of another strong hurricane; windows were smashed by the powerful waves, flooding the house and sweeping furniture and personal belongings out to sea. Apart from the damage and cost, the experience had been terrifying.

It was something the owners would do their utmost to never have to experience again. So now, with TreeCon’s storm protection installations, it’s not something they have to worry about anymore.

Since 1985, TreeCon Limited, in collaboration with Karey Kassl Corporation, have been engineering products that are proven to beat the elements and, at the same time, providing lasting beauty. The company supplies quality aluminium products that have passed through rigorous testing to withstand the powerful elements faced from hurricanes and the strong winter storms.

In recent years, TreeCon has added a vinyl line to the product mix, which meets their high expectations. These products are rated as ‘Best in Class’ through the use of premium glass technologies, multi-chambered reinforced frames and the strongest hardware available. The impact-resistant PremierVue line is amongst the highest in air, water, structural and energy ratings in the industry, which is a rare combination in vinyl products. That’s why PremierVue is a PGT preferred selection for projects, which is ideal for hurricane prone regions. These products don’t just resist hurricanes though – they help to stop burglars from entering your house and energy from getting out!

If you’re looking for a great product to suit your pocket, needs and style, visit the TreeCon Showroom on Cemetery Lane. You’ll be glad you did!

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