Welcome to our 2022 Contractors Awards!

When it comes to our homes, finding the BEST contractor is a top priority to keep everything looking and working its best! When we find a great one it seems we can’t get far without singing their praises online, to our friends and family and even to complete strangers. These are the Contractors who go above and beyond to provide amazing service. They come at all hours to save your bathroom when the plumbing breaks, keep your pool from turning green and are there to cut, tile, paint and beautifully decorate your house to make it a home that’s truly yours.

It’s our most anticipated issue each year – we’re so excited to bring you our 7th Annual Contractors Awards and to celebrate all of those who stood out in their field over the past year.

Working with strategic partners to get any job done right the first time is more important than ever post pandemic. More so in Bermuda’s construction industry, where we face additional challenges being situated in the middle of the Atlantic.

We’ve seen changes in local planning regulations, global supply chain challenges and price increases just to name a few.  With all of this, Bermuda’s industry leaders never stopped navigating it all while finding the most efficient way to take projects to completion.

Many residents have cracked the code on who they work best with, who gets the job done just the way they imagined while going above and beyond creating room for more inspired visions to become future projects.

Some home owners have dabbled in small and large DIY home renovations finally having unexpected down time over the past few years but the reality is that we are back in the swing of things. We’re now looking again to outsource many of our dreams projects to suit both our home and work life balance.

This brings us back to our contractors, identifying who they are and where their expertise will prove beneficial to our plans. Whether your project is indoors or outdoors, a simple plumbing fix, a kitchen back splash or a complete renovation on your entire home or office, understanding who does what is key.

Our Contractors Awards seek to highlight the best in each identified field, whether that be an individual or the team within a company. Our awards are also a great opportunity for contractors big and small to talk about their trade and share their expertise with the island year-round.

Let’s celebrate and support these individuals and teams that keep our homes secure, functional and looking their best!


To select the Winners and Honourable Mentions for this years’ awards, we assembled an amazing group of industry experts who together made the decisions on who stood out over the past year. Our panel are a group who work with a wide variety of contractors in many fields and rely on their support for their clients and businesses.

Our Expert Panel Included:

Simon Tully, President of the Construction Association of Bermuda

Jill Henneberger, Partner and Director of Design at By Design

Patrick Caton, President at Caliper Engineering Services Ltd.

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