BUSINESS PROFILE – Clean Energy Storage Solutions

Building Bermuda’s clean energy ecosystem one customer at a time.

Clean Energy Storage Solutions (CESS) is owned and operated by W. Dwayne Trott, experienced technology and Information Security leader for over 30 years. an innovative and passionate Renewable Energy and Sustainability advocate who wants nothing more but to offer innovative solutions that help Bermuda accelerate its transition to a Zero Carbon footprint. The company’s magic quadrant focuses on: Renewable Energy areas; Heating & Cooling, Energy Generation & Energy Storage, E-Mobility, and Circular Economy initiatives.

5 Things to Know About Working with Dwayne:

  1. 1 He focuses on customer service with his clients, not to just make the sale but to develop a long-term relationship with them.
  2. 2 He listens to his clients’ needs, does not try to over-sell any solution and looks for the best cost-effective solution. He will not sell them a Porsche when they really need a good old reliable Subaru.
  3. 3 CESS solutions range from mobile and fixed battery and solar panel solutions; thermodynamic water heating solutions to waste and energy solutions at residential and commercial scale.
  4. He strongly believes there is an education component needed on this journey of transitioning to renewables. Energy efficiency and energy management must be seen as being key to our solution offerings. Its not all about using only renewable technologies to solve our energy challenges.
  5. Dwayne is also the owner of Zeroe Bermuda Limited, a subsidiary of which represents the E-Mobility part whose focus is on Electric Vehicles for commercial and residential purposes. Zero and its service partner Auto Zone Ltd were the first company to import Bermuda/s first Electric “box” truck to the island in 2022.

Contact Dwayne on (441)324-3424 or at

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