Small Steps can Make a Big Impact Over Time

Expert Advice from Dwayne Trott of Clean Energy Storage Solutions

We must act now and fight Climate Change together!

Renewable energy solutions are crucial for Bermuda’s future, not just for everyday energy generation but also for daily life essentials like transportation. The cost of energy will continue to increase and natural disasters like hurricanes will only intensify as long if we continue as is. Bermuda will suffer and we will see big impacts in our own backyards soon enough.

Ideally Bermuda must put an end to things like importing fossil fuels, but would that even be enough? No, it wouldn’t. As individuals, families and businesses we must get educated and do our part by making small conscious changes that will make a big impact over time. We can then build on those changes and tackle larger challenges with the right collective decisions as we move forward together.

Globally we need to reduce carbon intensity by 77% by 2030. That’s just 7 years from now. Despite the rise in energy prices and threats to our global energy supply this only strengthens our need to invest in renewable energy capacity.


The first step is – understanding how renewable energy works.

Think about Bermuda’s abundant natural resources, sunlight, wave and wind, the earth and our atmosphere are constantly replenishing them naturally. They are all around us each and every day. Education is key for the general population. The question we should ask ourselves is, how can renewable energy help my family and I or my business? Are there renewable energy solutions available to assist both those on the island with a modest or small budget to those with a much larger spending capacity? The answer is an emphatic “yes”.

Local company Clean Energy Storage Solutions (CESS) offers cost effective renewable energy solutions through trusted partners globally that are both affordable and accessible to everyone in Bermuda.

Whether you’re a novice consumer who knows nothing or very little about renewable energy or you’re savvy on the subject and are fortunate to have a larger spending budget, CESS has a solution to get you locked in for the fight against Climate Change from small steps to tackling bigger challenges when the time is right. CESS will educate you throughout your clean energy journey.

Make the switch with these small steps:

Choose Energy Efficient Lighting

Did you know that having more efficient lighting in your home or at your business reduces your electricity demand, resulting in cost savings that really adds up over time?

Choose Energy Efficient Appliances

Invest in more energy efficient appliances like, air conditioners, refrigerators, stoves, dishwashers, freezers, ovens, ceiling fans and more, the options are endless.


Once you’ve switched with smaller steps, it’s time to start looking at the bigger picture.

Invest In A Water Heating System

Traditional hot water heaters are energy hogs, replacing them with energy efficient heating solutions such as Solar Thermo Dynamic Heating will lower your carbon footprint and your monthly utility bill. These systems are quick and non-disruptive to install and there is absolutely no maintenance necessary.

Invest In Solar Panels and Battery Storage Solutions

These days’ solar panels are everywhere, and there are many options to consider when outfitting your home or business. Did you know that you can use energy created during the day by your solar panel at night? Pretty awesome! Solar panels produce 100% clean energy, and they reduce your utility bills saving you money. Solar panels also offer better performance under a wider range of conditions, and they have low maintenance costs. Battery storage solutions will allow you to have access to clean energy once the sun goes down in the evening.

Electric Vehicles

Transitioning our transport industry to electric buses, trucks, cars and bikes is also a must. The transport industry in addition to energy generation is also a major contributor to Co2 emissions. Bermuda is still in an early adoption phase in this area too.

A subsidiary of CESS – Zeroe Bermuda Limited (, is focused on Electric Vehicles for commercial and residential purposes. They were the first company to import the first Electric “box” truck to Bermuda in 2022.


Another way to look at it is preparing in advance for things like Hurricane Season. These events happen every year, if we start planning now, we can be clean energy powered for next season and beyond. There are cost effective, noise free, pollution free; mobile renewable energy solutions that are supported by portable, durable, powerful solar panels that can charge your solar battery solutions while they are being used. These solutions can be customised based on the critical load they are supposed to support like your air conditioning units, fridge, water pump, phone chargers and even your skill saw.

As a country Bermudians must get educated and take heed while accepting the fact that climate change is real and if we don’t transition soon that 77% will become an impossible task and we will really start seeing those big impacts in our own backyards.

We have no choice if we want to save our island, and we need to transition to distributed renewable energy model faster that our current track that will allow us to start to develop our own energy security. It’s a must!!

Despite the fact there are calls to transition to renewables around the world at 15x our current pace, this should done through finding the right fit for everyone and their budget so that together we all move forward with renewable energy solutions and plans to intensify our efforts where and when we can. We must do better or feel the wrath or more intense hurricane and escalating energy prices.


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