BUSINESS PROFILE – Cedarberry Foods

Locally made entirely with plants, with your wellness and happiness in mind.

Cedarberry Foods, founded by Alyson Thompson, is best known for their dairy free plant-based butter that looks, tastes, and works just like butter except that it’s good for you and our environment! They also have a plant-based Nog that is full of deep holiday flavor, be on the look-out for its return mid-November 2022.

5 Ways to Use Cedarberry Foods’ Plant Based Butter:

  1. Cedarberry Foods’ Plant Based Butter loves bread. Some like it hot, melted into toast but it’s a favorite straight from the fridge and spread thick on simple wholesome bread.
  2. Bake the world a butter place. Freeze it and cut it into pastry crusts, or use in your favorite baked goods recipe. It’s perfect for pancakes, muffins, cakes, cookies and more.
  3. Fry it up! Sear a portobello steak or sauté veggies to brighten the flavors.
  4. Butter is the purpose of mashed potatoes. Melt cold Cedarberry Foods’ Plant Based Butter into your mashed potatoes for a warm creamy comforting side.
  5. Level up your cuisine. For the top chefs among us, our Cedarberry Foods Plant Based Butter can be emulsified into a beurre monté, clarified for a more intense flavor, or browned for a nutty and bold addition that will stand out in any dish. Try Cedarberry Foods’ Plant Based Butter out in action at The Cloud at The Waterfront we recommend the Winter Pumpkin +  Sage Brown Butter Risotto. Yum!

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