BUSINESS PROFILE – Carrie Lee Fitness Coaching

Your final fitness journey begins here.

Carrie Lee Fitness Coaching is a Holistic Coaching service specializing in mindset, strength training, and diet education. Carrie’s mission is to educate and empower you to reach your fitness & health goals without restriction!

5 Things to Know About Working with Carrie:

  1. You gain access to online 1:1 nutrition coaching. Popular/fad diets make you follow their system, Carrie coaches women to create their OWN system.
  2. Carrie absolutely hates the fitness industry, which is why she’s in it! She provides clarity in a sea of misinformation so people can stop wasting their money and hop off the yo-yo diet train for good.
  3. She is passionate about strength training and coaching. She believes that everyone’s needs are unique so specialises in personalised coaching packages designed for your goals.
  4. Carrie spent two decades struggling with body confidence, and attempting every fad diet, pill, powder, shake & cream that exists. She eventually lost over 75lbs, transformed her life, and shares her experience to inspire others.
  5. She created The FIT Method, which is an app-based monthly workout subscription. It gives users a clear-cut program to follow, complete with video tutorials, monthly prizes, group chat, and the option to workout at home or the gym.

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