Stoltzfus – Sourcing Bermuda’s Needs – Large or Small!

27 years ago, the owner of our company met a Bermudian that had been purchasing quality Amish leather harnesses and carriages handcrafted in Lancaster County PA. He also inquired about feed and supplies from our sister company Stoltzfus Feed & Supply.
Our friend expressed the desire that we consolidate his purchases and ship them in one container to Bermuda. Through this trust Stoltzfus Export & Supply was born and our first container sailed
in September 1994.

We researched the need and viability of providing not only equine supplies, like harnesses and feed, but other agricultural products as well. This caused us to create a system of sourcing, logistics, and delivery through consolidation of export containers to ship to Bermuda. Giving Stoltzfus Export & Supply the reliable ability to continually fill the needs of their partners in Bermuda on a regular basis for 27 years.

As would happen with great service, Stoltzfus Export & Supply was asked by friends in Bermuda to increase the product lines and to export additional items such as building and construction supplies and equipment, lawn and landscaping materials and equipment, and home furnishings. Stoltzfus Export & Supply now can literally supply nearly every item needed to build or run a home, farm or business.

Our Export Team works hard to make sure you get the products you are looking for. The Sales Team works closely with the warehouse crew to ensure that containers are timely and packed cost effectively.

We source and ship through an extensive list of sourcing networks. We have shipped items as large as an Excavator, and as small has a kitchen mixer. We are happy to research items you need on the island, locating them and working together with Best Shipping to get you your products hassle free, and provide seamless shipping, customs clearance and delivery services. Using Stoltzfus Export & Supply will save you time. We can reduce complications with shipments and help with shipments reaching your destination effectively. This will reduce risks to your product and streamline export efforts. No more hassles of researching products yourself, and hoping they get shipped to you timely and unscathed. When your product arrives here, we will determine its overall quality and check for any damage-things you don’t have to deal with!

Stoltzfus Export & Supply has developed many long term customers in Bermuda and continues to find and add new products to their growing list. We want to find new and exciting ways to source Bermuda’s needs and export through consolidation of either full or partially full containers, that ship on a weekly basis to help grow Bermuda.

Trust the delivery of your items for construction, landscaping, remodeling and agriculture & feed products, are all carefully packed and shipped to our friends on the island. Call us today with your questions! We are happy to help! 717-442-2000. Keep up to date by following us on Facebook and Instagram. You can also read more about Stoltzfus Export & Supply at our website

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