BUSINESS PROFILE – Longtail Pools Ltd.

Honest and reliable pool cleaning & maintenance.

It’s been two decades since Fred Pimental started in the pool maintenance trade, with two of the Island’s most respected companies, at the time. Under the highest of standards he honed his skills and in 2012, he applied it all to his own company, Longtail Pools Ltd.. Today, Longtail strives to be an honest and reliable service that offers a great job for an affordable price.

5 Reasons to Choose Longtail Pools:

  1. With over a decade servicing Bermuda, Longtail ensure that all of their technicians are certified and ready to provide high quality service for every client.
  2. Longtail offers weekly service, year round. They believe that it’s important to understand that, like many things, if you wait too long in-between service, your pool condition can end up costing you more in the long run as it an be challenging to get things clean and balanced again.
  3. While a salt-water pool can be a lot of work to maintain, Longtail specialise in them. They can work best in Bermuda, and eliminate the need for PH and Alk in most, depending on your pool surface.
  4. If you’re interested in a pool that is as chemical free as possible, Longtail Pools is a great fit for you!
  5. Longtail work closely with their clients to keep the costs down by encouraging cleaning your pool throughout the week. As soon as you notice a change, inform your pool technician. Delaying small problems can lead to big ones in the future.

Contact Fred on (441) 705-5919 or email

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