BS&R How To: Show your Wood Furniture Some TLC

When you love something, you should protect and care for it. Homes with wood features and furniture are no different, so here are some tips to maintain your valued possessions.

1. Clean it!

This seems like an obvious way to take care of your wood but one that can get overlooked when you’re busy.  Go for a full clean of your wood pieces at least once a month with some weekly dusting to keep them looking great. Dusting may not seem like a top priority but airborne particles can build a filmy layer on wood that scratches the surface.

2. Weather Proof & Finish Properly

Another fantastic way to protect your wooden pieces and show them some love is to finish them properly.  This is especially vital for outdoor items to protect them from the weather. A good finish will protect your wood while also bringing out its inherent beauty.

3. Watch the Sun 

Speaking of the sun this is one factor that can have a huge effect on a wooden piece. Sun damage can happen indoors and outside. Watch where you place your pieces or make sure to rotate them if they are next to windows with a lot of sunlight. Valuable pieces might fade, and the light and heat can damage the wood.

4. Treat it Right!

Your mom might have sounded like a nag on using a coaster but she’s right!  Rings and heat damage can scar your wood. Always use a coaster when setting glasses or mugs on a wooden piece. Never place hot food directly on wood without the protection of a trivet or potholder. Already have the rings? See our article “How to Remove White Rings” for tips to make your piece like new again.

5. Take Care of Wear and Tear

It is inevitable that there is going to be wear & tear over time. Some touch-ups may be easy to do yourself however if you are unsure we recommend getting an expert opinion. Some pieces may need more extensive work i.e. stripping & refinishing, but the key is to maintain your assets before having to spend more to completely restore or replace them.

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