BS&R How To: Get creative with your furniture

In case your significant other hasn’t already told you politely, we will: Just because you saw it on a DIY Pinterest page doesn’t mean it’s easy to recreate! Don’t misinterpret us, we very much enjoy when people get their hands dirty and attempt to build or refinish their furniture. Some of our clients have hidden woodworking talents that are only expressed during rare moments of free time blended with motivation. It’s not that we don’t want you to get involved, it’s that you are not involved enough!

We’ve built countless pieces of custom furniture and architectural millwork, however it’s common for clients to not get overly involved in the creative process. We would like this pattern of behavior to change for two main reasons: 1) Because it’s fun! & 2) Because you will be even more attached to something you helped design.

We’ll give you a recent example: we have a client who needs a new entrance door. They were content with replacing the existing door with a like-for-like version until we planted the seed of creativity. We are now going to build them a completely different door after they searched online and found their inspiration for a new door. This involvement led to a new lumber type, stain, sidelight design and hardware preference!

There’s nothing we cannot build. Why limit yourself if you are looking to invest your own money into something? If buying a new dining table is going to cost you four figures, why not consider getting an estimate to build one from scratch? More often than not, an off-the-shelf option will never fully satisfy your practical and aesthetical needs.

“Do it yourself” and design your own piece…then trust the pros! Work together with them to make your idea come to life. Have a say in all aspects of your piece and finish with something you love.

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