BS&R How To: Bring innovation to your windows and shutters

One of the most common jobs we are asked to build are windows and shutters. In Bermuda, we are blessed with amazing historical buildings with large windows and colonial shutters. However time is a fickle mistress and those beautiful windows and shutters can end up drafty, cracked, and worse for wear.

Design and efficiency have evolved in leaps and bounds over the past couple of years. Today we look for not only windows that provide air and light, but also windows that are energy efficient, ascetically pleasing, interesting in design, and strong & long lasting. With the rate that technology is moving, we are constantly pushing the limit to create and build custom designs like never before.

Yes, a window is still a window and shutters look relatively the same. What we’re talking about are the details and materials that go into them; the type of wood, the mechanisms used to put them together as well as the design of panels, hinges, and panes. We love taking at a standard piece and pushing the envelope to provide an innovative design or rework them in a unique way.

One of the biggest factors that has changed the way we build our windows and shutters is the use of Accoya materials. Shutters have traditionally been constructed from solid woods that have proven to endure outside elements. New treated woods, like Accoya, offer advantages such as resistance to twisting, splitting and rotting. In Bermuda this is even more beneficial as the wood works very well in restoration projects. This can be seen in several of our recent projects we have done in Dockyard over the past few months. Accoya wood ages beautifully and often will match the look of the original windows without compromising its integrity. We now build almost all of our window and shutter projects in this product.

Replacing your windows and shutters seems like a daunting task, but often its very rewarding. We’re able to fully seal the window and install something that will last another 50 years. Not only giving you better insulation and energy efficiency in your home but also something that will last for years to come.

Once you’ve made the decision to replace or renovate your windows and shutters, then it’s your opportunity to try out a new design or create your own. Think outside the box and figure out what you truly want in your house. What would benefit you the most? How would you want it to look like or work? We’ve completed a few great projects over the years where we have completely re-thought how a shutter is supposed to work, and working with architects or designers, have managed to build something one of a kind that has enabled the home owners to have a finished product that worked for them and not the other way around.

Using innovative products such as Accoya and imaginative minds to bring creativity and restoration to your home, you’ll add value in the look and functionality of your windows and shutters.

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