BUSINESS PROFILE – BrushWorks Painting & Coatings

Servicing Residential & Commercial properties with interior &exterior painting and coating solutions.

BrushWorks began in 2009 and is run by Naeem Holdipp. His background is in commercial and industrial coatings including roofing, rust proofing, and fireproofing. He later branched out into residential, fine finish coatings and minor renovations. His services also include roof coatings and repair as well as cedar restoration.

5 Things to Know About Working with Naeem:

  1. He takes a very client forward approach and worked very closely every step of the way, to bring your vision to reality.
  2. He has an impeccable eye for detail and he brings that to every project. Be it cutting in a ceiling or spraying your kitchen cabinets you can ensure that a high level of attention is given.
  3. BrushWorks has a strong network of reliable tradesmen to call on when needed for your project such as carpenters, masons, electricians and plumbers.
  4. Through this network, Naeem is able to outsource and coordinate any design services needed to bring your project to life.
  5. Over the past year Naeem has focused on Kitchen Refurbishing as a niche market. With the goal of saving costs and benefitting the environment he is excited at the prospect of turning old into new!

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