Bringing Furniture Back to Life

After the third time that press-board desk has broken it’s a definite…you’ve seen the light! Nothing compares to the craftsmanship of furniture makers years ago. Even when looking at the majority of other furniture and pieces that are made today, they lack a certain something when next to a piece that was made generations ago.

Due to today’s mass production of “disposable furnishings” it becomes almost frustrating looking for quality pieces or ones that are even mildly affordable. In Bermuda we are lucky to have such a rich heritage where many of us have inherited pieces or furniture passed down through generations.

Unfortunately over the years, these pieces may look worse for wear and almost unsalvageable. There are many beautiful pieces sitting in storage or hidden in a box unbeknown to the owner how fantastic they could be given the chance.

With the holidays coming up we are excited to showcase our Antique Restorations Department and the miracles they can do.

From the beginning we have build our business on our impeccable restorations and reproductions. Taking a piece and restoring it back to what it once was gives us a great sense of pleasure and pride. Many of these pieces have their own unique beauty to them and we are more than happy to help their owners see the potential in them. For many this is a wonderful gift of memories. It’s a one of a kind gift for a loved one. Imagine restoring that rocker of grandmas and gifting it to her at Christmas!

There is a vast difference between restoring and repairing. You may achieve functionality with a repair, but restoring an item properly is an art-form. Finishes may be stripped and redone, but it is essential that the original patination is retained, if possible. For example, some collectors value “patina” and want an item to still reflect an aesthetic that shows its age, an “over restored” item can actually take away from its value than if nothing has been done to the item at all. Therefore, restoration of valuable objects should always be left to professionals who are sensitive to all of the issues- insuring that a piece retains or increases its value after restoration.

We are passionate about our restorations department and ensure all our techniques and materials are historically accurate. To preserve valuable antiques we offer French Polishing services to restore the shellac finish for which antiques are known and prized. Traditional animal hide glue is used for repairing joints and a special ‘reviver’ is employed to remove dirt and restore the shine without damaging the original French polish finish.

We also offer the rare art of veneer, inlay, marquetry, and parquetry. Finally historically accurate replacement hardware is used in restoration in addition to the original joinery techniques first used to build the piece.

So take stock of those older pieces hidden away and bring them in to give them new life. Forget the press-board and enjoy furniture filled with memories and give your loved one something special this Christmas.

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