Beyond Kitchen Waste!

We think we are snazzy with our recycling bins and trash cans in our kitchens. Our eco-friendly lifestyles have improved from composting to reusing and modifying product packaging with awesome DIY’s that have proven to be great hacks.

The “KITCHEN” has been the hero of recyclables in our homes since we begin recycling our household products.  So, go on KITCHEN’s of the world, gloat in the glory and shine from the pedestal you were once on!  There is a new day, a new dawn, a new awakening.  

The “BATHROOM”, restroom, washroom, boudoir has been overlooked, unseen and the most damaging to our environment by far.  Forgotten are the plastics that house our shampoos, conditioners, make-ups, medicines, and cleansers. Pesky plastics, invented in the late 19th century and out of close to 10 billion tons of plastic that has been created 6.3 billion tons is waste that never completed its journey to the recycling bin, according to a June 2018 National Geographic article by Laura Parker, “Plastic.” 

Personal care products are contributing to single-use waste production at alarming rates. PondaPits offers 7 Recycling Bathroom Tips, our mission is to provide personal care with our health and environment in mind. Our tips for recycling will help foster an all-inclusive way to becoming eco-conscious. Although we offer our Bermuda inspired deodorants in plastic packaging, we also offer glass, and biodegradable packaged PondaPits Natural Deodorant. While making the switch to organic personal care the switch to compostable packaging can be made. 

The cost of waste being ignored in our bathrooms has affected and impacted all life and all communities.

Environmentalist warn of our oceans being polluted with personal care and cosmetic packaging. Items such as toothbrushes, mouthwash, hand soap, hand sanitizers, sunscreen, our antiseptics, insect repellents and shower curtain liners all leave a footprint.  Our taxes and government services are depleting their efforts and funds in clean-ups, wildlife recovery, and prevention. The true financial impact of plastic is increasingly growing and menacingly detrimental. Now, we can do better.

Recycling Bathroom Tips…

Make a List

Knowledge is key, make a list because we forget or don’t know what in the bathroom should be recycled. 

Designate a Spot

Everyone in the home will need to know where to find the recycle bin and not forget to empty it.

Create a Bin

Just like the kitchen create a separate container for trash and recyclables.

Trash Unused Plastic Waste

Take a quick inventory and immediately discard waste items, try your new recycle bin on for size. This is great practice to create 
a habit.

Educate Visitors

Don’t let all your hard work be undone by guests. Let them know the correct manner in using your eco-friendly space.

Make it Viral

Take your new habit to your job, public bathrooms and schools

Use Compostable, Biodegradable, Glass, Reused or No Packaging

Old habits die hard, but now the bathroom is included in the recyclables you can begin purchasing products in more responsible packaging.

Once done for 30 days the practice of bathroom recycling will become habit for all involved.

Finally, the bathroom will join the ranks of the kitchen to become known as the room that dethroned the “Kitchen.” Here is to the new recyclables champion of the home- the Bathroom, to never be forgotten again!

PondaPits is found in Par-La-Ville Pharmacy, Genet Lure Salon, Naked Zero and Lucky Elephant Wellness. Feel free to contact us on for more information.Beyond Kitchen Waste!

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