Become the Perfect Holiday Guest

It’s the season of holiday parties that can last all the way into January. That’s a lot of dip and egg nog! There are loads of tips out there for the holiday host but what about the guests? How many times have you been invited to a party and had no idea what to make or bring? Here are 4 Tips to help you become the perfect holiday guest:

For those who find that cooking is a difficult mystery, you can’t go wrong with a tray. Simply order a cheese, fruit or meat tray in advance and pick it up the next day for an easy dish that works for any kind of party. They’re always a winner, and the plus is you can tailor it to the type of party that you are attending. We simply need 24 hours to make the tray of your dreams.

The Prepared Guest:

A party isn’t a party without cups, plates, napkins etc…Be that guest! It’s an easy choice for someone whose not the best cook and a great relief to a host who’s busy cooking up a storm and running around. Another type of prepared guest is one who makes sure they bring a tray or bowl for their dish. Another great tip is to bring your dish in sturdy tin foil or Tupperware you don’t mind leaving behind.

The Amateur Cook:

Try your skills at a simple party classic. There are many easy recipes for meatballs, artichoke dips, and Brie & jam dishes. Just grab the ingredients and throw them together to look like a pro in the kitchen and at the party. Our favorite dish is smoked salmon and capers and onions on a bagel bite or small rye toast. Simple and easy to make they are always a favorite at parties and look fancy too!

The Busy Guest:

The holidays can be hectic for many people so for those with little time to invest in thinking of what to make or bring to a party there are a lot of simple no-brainer choices to pick from.  No one has ever shirked at a good bottle of wine or rum & egg nog. If you don’t know much in the wine department, ask a staff member for some recommendations. Or grab some dip and chips or veggies for a healthier dish. Another easy choice is going with a shrimp cocktail. Pick one up and you’re on your way.

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