I Can See Clearly Now…

Context often forces us humans to develop an appreciation for something. If you are reading this on your home computer or mobile device, you are looking through a glass screen near a window so congratulations! Mankind has only used windows for approximately 1% of our known existence, and transparent glass has only been around for 0.02% of the homo sapien’s estimated 200,000 years on this planet.

It might seem just like a pretty part of the property that lets light in but it is actually a feature with a long and fascinating history and one that can do a lot for your home.

Windows, how we know them, started showing up in homes in 100AD. But it was many years until they became something similar to what we use today. And over these years windows have become more efficient and beneficial for a home.

There are many added bonuses windows & shutters offer your home. From ventilation to better warmth and light you can increase your home’s efficiency ten-fold depending on your materials. For example, by keeping our windows open and not turning on our lights it also helps you save in electricity as well as help the environment.

A window’s energy efficiency is dependent upon all of its components. Advances in lumber and glass technology have offered us improved ways of reducing the heat and UV light that enters our spaces. Using treated lumber, like Accoya, lowers heat retention, offers better efficiency, and provides added benefits like retained strength and durability.  Low-emission (or Low-E) glass helps to protect your interior furnishings by reducing the ultra-violet light that can cause fading.

It’s important to also consider is how the windows operate. Some operating types have lower air leakage rates than others, which will improve your home’s energy efficiency.

If your budget is tight, energy efficiency improvements to existing windows can also help. Especially when it comes to older homes it’s important to think about how you can update your windows without hindering your home’s aesthetics.

We’ve fabricated countless windows that not only look good but are also functional, efficient and add many benefits to your home. Next time you’re gazing out your window, maybe you can appreciate the view a bit more and consider us when you need to replace it.

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