We all have at least one in our home. This month our experts bring you everything and more that you may need for your “loo”. From painting to testing for leaks read on for loads of interesting ways to achieve your dream bathroom.

Turn your ordinary bathroom into a luxurious retreat

We know what it’s like to yearn for some R&R and the bathroom is a perfect place to get some. The problem is, most bathrooms don’t scream luxury or spa oasis.

Revamping your space to allow for comfort and relaxation isn’t that far out of reach.

Everyone should give themselves a place to relax and pamper themselves. Here are our tips for turning your cheap bathroom into a luxurious retreat…

  1. Think Fluffy
    It’s all about the towels – and if you’re going to splurge anywhere in your bathroom, a soft, fluffy neutral-colored towel goes a long way. Who doesn’t love a big fluffy towel to turn your bathroom experience into a spa-like oasis.
  1. Dim the Lights
    Create some mood lighting and banish that horrible overhead light! Install a dimming switch if you can, or add in a selection of alternate lighting: Small lamps, sconces, and candles galore, to create a relaxing ambiance. Also, look for candles with comforting aromas. The scent will also make your space more inviting.
  1. Set a Tray on Your Counter
    Clean and free up counter space by corralling all your loose items on a stylish tray. That way you’ll know where everything is, and you’ll have more room to get ready in the morning. Throw out everything that is old or the wrong color and make room for the things you do use. De-cluttering will go a long way in helping you relax.
  1. Swap out your Showerhead
    There’s just something so luxurious about a rainfall showerhead: They’re softer and less grating, making each shower feel like a special occasion, not an obligation. Whether it’s a steam shower, large rain showerhead, dual showerheads, hand held, or body sprays, a shower system is a must.
  1. Invest in the Right Tile
    Whether it’s your floors or walls you want to revamp, you should always invest in quality tile. This will not only add to the value of your home but also add a classic and sophisticated look to your bathroom. Try marble or natural stone for a decadent feel.
  1. Add Art
    It’s a shame how many people forget to add personality to their bathrooms, especially considering how many hours of our life are spent there. Adding a photo gallery or large piece of artwork can be the perfect way to bring in colour and tie the whole room together.
  1. Stock up on Essentials
    To really calm your body and mind from the stresses of the day, it’s important to have some high-quality products to enhance your home spa experience. Invest in a fluffy robe and slippers, bath products, and even some speakers to play your favourite soothing tunes while in your oasis.
  1. Add Greenery
    A bathroom should not be a plant-free zone. Not only do they help clear the air, but they’re an easy way to add color, personality, and drama to a stale bathroom. And thanks to the higher level of humidity, the plants are much easier to keep alive. Not sure which plants are best? Try aloe vera, bamboo, and philodendrons.
  1. Get a Bathtub Tray
    What’s more luxurious than a wooden bathtub tray? It has space for your book, loofah, scented candle, glass of wine…everything you need for the relaxing home-spa day of your dreams.
  1. Choose the Right Color
    Choose a color that is cool and calming for your bathroom retreat. Light greys, blues and white create a calming effect and reduce stress while giving your space a bright fresh and clean feeling.

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