Back to Basics: History of Hurricane Shutters

Hurricane shutters are a staple here in Bermuda. We almost always have a window or shutter project going on at any one moment. In fact they are one of our main divisions here at BS&R Group. There is actually a lot of history and thought behind how shutters are made and what type is best to use on your home. So here are the basics….

Why were they created?

Since windows were created there has always been some sort of covering to protect the home from the elements. The more sophisticated the windows the more sophisticated the covering. From animal hides to nailing boards over the windows to composite hurricane shutters, shutters have evolved.

Hurricane shutters appeared for duel purposes: First to protect windows from being broken during storms and second to regulate the light and privacy of the home. They are vital for not only keeping the elements out but also to decreasing the chance of a roof collapse created by the negative pressure caused by high velocity wind flowing over a building’s roof.

How are they built?

The most common shutters we see in Bermuda are functional fixed or operable louvered shutters. They either hinge on each side of a window or at the top and swing closed when necessary.

Fixed or operable louvered shutters, basically mean that the shutters are either fixed on a hinge or can be mounted on tracks and can be opened and closed when needed.

Shutters usually consist of a frame of vertical stiles and horizontal rails. Set within the frame are louvers that can open or close the rails. Many operable louvered shutters also have horizontal rails or slats that can be opened or closed as well as the shutter as a whole.

What are they made of?

Shutters can be made of a variety of materials from aluminum to fiberglass to PVC to steel. However our preference (and we may be biased here) is wood.

Our standard material to use now for both shutters and windows is Accoya wood. Much like it’s composite counterparts, Accoya offers advantages over regular wood shutters such as resistance to twisting, splitting, and rotting.  It’s a perfect material for a climate like Bermuda.

Next time you’re using your shutters, take the time to really appreciate them. They not only bring beauty to your home but offer so much more than that. For how to revitalize your shutters visit our showroom at 99 Middle Rd, Devonshire or call 237-2886.

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