GETTING CLEAN-ER – It’s Time to Turn to the Professionals

Expert Advice from Atlantic Cleaning & Maintenance Ltd.

Are dirt, dust and grime building up in your home or workspace? How about mold? Even an avid cleaner can’t get it all, at least not the way a Best of Bermuda Award Winning team with 30 years of exceptional quality cleaning experience can!

Atlantic Cleaning & Maintenance Ltd’s trained team of professionals provide a cleaning solution tailored to fit individual needs. The commercial and residential cleaning experts currently service more than 500 clients island wide with no job being too big or too small.

Hiring professionals has many benefits. First of all, a pro has the right tools and will not only clean your space from top to bottom – they deep clean removing germs, bacteria and mold which builds up over time and becomes airborne affecting everyone in the house especially those who suffer from allergies and respiratory challenges. In Bermuda where mold hides in places you can’t even see, it impacts our health without us even knowing. Did you know that skin infections and flu-like symptoms are just a few of the reactions that can be a result of airborne mold in your home?

Leaving it to a professional provides other benefits too, like giving your family more time to focus on other important household tasks and even small renovation projects. A clean space inspires a bigger picture.

A professional gets the job done and to the highest of standards. They will clean your house or office faster and more efficiently then you can or will, period.

We turned to Atlantic Cleaning and Maintenance to give some helpful advice that we can all use for our home cleaning projects.

Did You Know…

  • Tile and grout should be cleaned professionally every 12-18 months using techniques and equipment strong enough to lift stains that scrubbing and mopping can’t.
  • Carpets are a breeding ground for mold and bacteria and should be cleaned professionally every 3-6 months. If you’re a household with heavy traffic, kids, pets, you should consider deep cleaning your carpets every 2-3 months.
  • Trying to treat mold can put your health at risk, a professional is knowledgeable about mold, has the necessary equipment to treat mold and most importantly contain the spread.
  • Hiring a professional to clean your windows properly will increase your windows lifespan by preventing spidery cracks and breakage. Window washing without the right gear and experience can be very dangerous and should always be left with professional.
  • Even your furniture and upholstery will last longer if the dirt, debris and stains are completely removed once a year.
  • It is so important to have a professional clean your space after construction. Excess dust is harmful to your health. A cleaning crew can also remove any left-over dirt, debris and waste.

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