Are you helping or hurting a project?

In the age of do it yourself and life hacks it’s hard for homeowners to step aside and let professionals handle a job. Many don’t want to shell out the money for a contractor but there are a lot of benefits from doing so.

There are numerous lessons a homeowner can learn from them and getting into the mind of a contractor can give you a new perspective into remolding projects around your home.

So how do you know if you’re helping or hurting your project? Either on your own or with a contractor, the most important thing is to be informed. Who is working on your projects and what materials or products are being used?

To truly know who is working on your projects and the quality of their work it’s best to get referrals. Ask contractors for references, talk to suppliers, and check out their work on other jobs. Seeking more than one bid will increase your odds of paying less.

The cheapest bid isn’t always the best however. Homeowners who accept a rock-bottom bid may wind up less satisfied overall than those willing to pay more. One bidder may be using smaller-diameter copper tubing or cheaper tile.

As a supplier of materials and products for any project we get a lot of contractors coming in to purchase items. Homeowners should be aware that most materials are marked up in contractor bids, as well as anything they pay out to make your job happen. To be fair, it’s how they pay their own overhead and salary.

If you can handle buying items such as fixtures, cabinets, or flooring on your own, ask your contractor to take them out of his bid price. Be sure to know specific numbers and amounts of what you need from the size to style and have them on site when they’re needed. You can save on the overall cost of the project, however make sure you know what you’re dong.

When a client specifies a product, the contractor should ensure they are aware of any queries or concerns from the outset. It’s always good to talk with your contractor about the materials or products you want to use or purchase yourself. They may have insight into what may work better or be of better quality.

Steve with our “Gorham’s Management Design Services” is perfect for helping to bring the customer and contractor together.  He can assist and help the customer decide what is a good fit for him to do and what the contractor should do.  He can also help manage the entire project.

We are all for DIY’s but a homeowner’s best option is to be informed. Hire a contractor and work with them to ensure your project is done right and at a cost that you can work with. Have the peace of mind the materials and projects being used are the best for the job and the most cost effective. Because at the end of the day knowledge is power.

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