All the Fixings

The holiday season is all about making some truly special memories. Whether you’re holding a festive feast or hosting the ultimate holiday party, you can create something special for friends and family.

There are many ways to host without being a kitchen Picasso and plenty of ways to prepare your home for guests. Here are our 6 tips for creating a holiday with all the fixings:

1. Choose a Theme

Introduce a conversation-starter and create excitement amongst guests by choosing a party theme. Host a “Winter White” party that asks guests to wear only white and offer white and sparkling wines and light-colored foods like shrimp, cheeses and shortbread cookies for dessert.

2. Add an Extra Splash of Colour

Add colour to your holiday table by dropping a few raspberries into wine glasses filled with sparkling wine or club soda. Always keep frozen berries in the freezer during the holiday season. They are a pretty garnish for desserts and make even the simplest cocktails look more festive.

3. Dress Up Your Cheese Tray

Put together a simple but spectacular cheese platter by providing a selection of 3–5 cheeses that have different textures and tastes. Soft cheese, like goat, pairs well with crackers and semi-hard cheese, like manchego, can stand up to the flavors of tangy jams or jellies. Serve smoked cheeses with nuts, such as walnuts, and aged cheeses, like Parmesan, with fresh, crisp vegetables such as celery or cucumber to highlight the flavors that develop during the aging process.

4. Practice “Mise en Place”

Have all the ingredients out and ready to go before you start cooking. This is a great way to discover you are short on ginger in time to buy more.

5. Think About the Atmosphere

Set your table accordingly. It’s what makes a dinner party a party. Your table scape doesn’t have to be over-the-top, but it should look nice. Candles are inexpensive, readily available, and a great place to start. Hosting a large party, consider some disposable holiday plates and cups for easy clean up.

6. Switch It Up

Make with something different at dinner. Instead of the usual turkey or ham try going with an organic chicken, like Bell and Evens organic chicken products. If you’re looking for something healthier and more environmental, finding products that are hormone free, no GMOs and humanely handled make all the difference. Not only will they taste yummier but your guests will thank you for a reprieve from the usual.

Make your special memories this season. You can find all the fixings you need at Lindo’s to create a holiday party you can be proud of.

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