All Bases Covered with Cutting Edge Security

When it comes to Home Security the experienced team at Xcaliber Ltd has all the bases covered. Whether it’s residential or commercial they provide excellence in both service and products.  With over 20 years of experience in the tech and communications business, they pride themselves on having a clear goal – Protecting Your Assets!

Owner and Managing Director, Conrad MacKenzie has seen a growth in this industry in Bermuda over the past few years. “It’s an unfortunate sign of the times that more people want more security for their home and business properties“, Mr Mackenzie adding, “With the increased unemployment and gang related activities, criminals are looking for easy targets. When I grew up many people didn’t even lock their homes, but not today. Unfortunately, that is the way it is.”

Over the 4 years Xcaliber has been in business Mr. MacKenzie has worked diligently with overseas cutting-edge technology companies to provide top level CCTV and Intruder Systems. The surveillance and security industry has advanced leaps and bounds in a few short years with the huge developments in high technology.

This technology allows homeowners to be protected in more ways than one. First of all homeowners who install one of Xcaliber’s Intruder Security systems will find that the cost of their insurance policy will decrease by 10% which is big savings over time. Even displaying Xcaliber’s security signs indicating that a home is protected can provide some measure of defense against break and enter as statistics show signs are a big deterrent.

Mr. Mackenzie has geared his company to ensure they give clients the best protection and satisfaction Xcaliber can give them, from honest and fair customer service to providing a stellar brand to unsurpassed tech support. There are so many facets to boast about the Xcaliber name, although two stand out above the rest – they stand behind their products, warranties and pride themselves on satisfying every customer. For example our Vezco CCTV line is backed by a solid 3 year warranty!

So from Vezco CCTV Systems to Honeywell Intruder Security Systems you’ll always be at the cutting edge with Xcaliber Ltd. Let them help you. Trust them to do what they know best – Protecting your most important assets.

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