Adding Value: By Enhancing your Outdoor Areas

If your house doesn’t look appealing from the outside, chances are a potential buyer will never make it inside. Marketing professionals will tell you that a good first impression can add 5 to 10 percent to the value of your home.

If the exterior color of your house is fading, painting is a good place to start your improvements, along with updates to exterior details and shutters. Eyebrows, sills, shutters etc., can add charm and depth to one’s house, but not if they’re hanging crooked or flaking paint.

Updating a driveway that is in disrepair is a must, because it leads people to your home and it should be warm and welcoming.   Moreover, driveways also have a big part to play when it comes to selling the property. A well laid driveway adds real value to the property and since first appearance always is the best, these driveways have the capability to create a unique impact on the house and also on the eyes of the buyers.

Locally, options, in order of ‘desirability’ choices are brick, concrete (including a combination of concrete and vegetation and / or gravel), or asphalt. Traditionally, brick driveways are hard to beat for their curb appeal, and options for artistry and design can add an element of customization (we’ve even had a client create a Compass using brick design). If bricking the entire driveway becomes price punitive, creating a brick border on a concrete driveway can add to the product.

However, it should be cautioned that potential headaches can arise due to tree roots and consequent uneven surfaces that may result, and weeds that inevitably grow up between the pavers which will require steady maintenance. A further disadvantage to the brick driveway will be the cost as the brick laying is far more labor intensive than their counterparts, but really should be measured against the final product which can dramatically add to the value of your home with a beautiful entrance.

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