Add Value to Your Home with Tiling Trends

Whether you’re buying, selling or simply own a home the thing you’re most concerned with is its value. It’s the main reason why you own instead of renting a home.

In this recent economy, every home owner should know how to put more value back into their homes. At Surface Trends we know there are beautiful upgrades you can do while also being affordable. With so many ways to add value in your home, here are three that we’ve found have the most bang for your buck:

Flooring is something many people forget about when upgrading their house, though it is something that can make the most impact. The rule of thumb for flooring is the more resilient and long lasting, the higher the upgrade is, but the higher return is on investment.

One of the best materials for upgrading existing flooring is natural stone or Travertine. It’s not only beautiful but stone is the only material that improves with age and its natural variations adds character to any home. It’s durability makes it a very practical material to use. With the only two fully computerized CNC machines in Bermuda, anything is possible. At Surface Trends, we can cut the stone to any shape and style. If you imagine it, we will do our best to deliver.

It is worth investing in natural stone as it has withstood the test of time and will enhance/beautify the value of your home.


Add real value to your home- Be it the kitchen, bathroom, bars, or utility rooms the more money you can spend into a higher end countertop the better. On average granite countertops will add 25% of its cost to your overall home value. Couple this with the cost saving fact that you almost will never have to replace the surface, and it becomes a clear economic advantage.

What makes granite so desirable is the blend of aesthetic appeal with long-lasting durability. If cared for properly with a sealant, it will not scratch and is heat resistant and will last for as long as your house is standing. We’re here to help and provide a surface that is as maintenance free as possible.

But it’s not just the integrity of the stone that has long-lasting appeal, granite is a classic finish to any room. It has been enjoyed for thousands of years and is almost guaranteed to never go out of style. Further, because of the variations of color in every slab, it can be matched to current or future redecorating plans. Granite countertops are desirable enough as a decorative and design device that having them will put your home in the forefront of the real estate market.

Available in nearly endless sizes and colors, stone/ceramic tile is extremely versatile for customizing unique focal points be it in the hallway, bathroom or even fireplace. One of the top recommendations for adding value to your house is a kitchen upgrade, but if you can’t afford a full-scale remodel, a smart place to start is with tiling a backsplash.

Tile designs don’t have to be elaborate to create effective focal points. Often the quality and look of the tile is enough to grab attention and give the overall design a beautiful point.

The possibilities are vast. Mosaic glass tile can be crafted into artwork-like designs. Porcelain tile, with superior performance characteristics, is suitable for creating focal points in commercial settings, as well as in residences. Whether the scale of desired focal points is small or grand, tile is up to the challenge.

Be it during building, renovations, or simply checking out the housing market be aware of things that may add value to the home. Enjoy living in your space and reap the benefits when you decide to sell.

Expert Advice given by Gene Atkin of Surface Trends –

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