Accoya’s Environmental Factors

As a company that relies on wood and materials for most of their projects the environment definitely plays a factor on how Bermuda Stripping and Refinishing (BS&R) runs. Supplies and materials are dependent on natural resources so BS&R loves to choose brands and suppliers that are eco-friendly. However there is one that stands out: Accoya.

Knowing about Accoya for a number of years, BS&R is proud to now bring their brand to Bermuda. Accoya wood has made leaps and bounds in creating products that are not only sustainable but also manufactured in an eco-friendly way. By significantly enhancing the durability and dimensional stability of fast growing, certified wood species, Accoya wood provides compelling environmental advantages over scarce slow growing hardwoods, woods treated with toxic chemicals, and non-renewable carbon-intensive materials such as plastics, steel and concrete.

To start the wood is harvested from sustainable sources that are abundantly available, safeguarding a consistent supply and preventing deforestation of tropical forests.

Not only do they ensure their products live up to their environmental standards but their production facilities also. They meet the highest requirements with respect to health, safety and the environment and powered over 50% by renewable energy. Even their manufacturing process is non-toxic and adds nothing to the wood that does not already naturally occur in it.

BS&R has found many uses for this brand especially in Bermuda. “The manufacturing process is a simple one, treating radiata pine with vinegar, but was never mass-produced,” says General Manager Anthony Madeiros, “However this simple process makes the wood impervious to rot and other types of decay. Which is perfect for Bermuda. Wood rots quickly due to our climate, so Accoya can stand up to the elements better than cedar will on doors and shutters.”

It’s enhanced durability means a longer lifespan and therefore lower material consumption overall. Their improved hardness and stability also results in lower maintenance and less coating and waste over the product’s lifetime.

“Accoya has been tested to last at least 50 years above ground, without paint, and 25 years underground,” explains Madeiros, “If you do paint it, the paint will last three or four times longer because the wood doesn’t move with the climate. This means it doesn’t stretch the paint, ensuring that it lasts much longer.”

The brand also boasts superior thermal insulation, which provides energy conservation advantages especially used in window frames and doors.

Even the lifespan of the wood helps in conservation. Accoya wood is fully reusable and recyclable and can be safely incinerated or composted. By-products and waste wood from the production processes are also reused as material for their Tricoya products, thus increasing the carbon sink effect of the wood.

“Exotic hardwoods are very unsustainable. So, there’s no point in using wood from unsustainable forests when you have this product,” continues Madeiros, “This is a very green, long-lasting product, at a good price. And you don’t have to cut out any bad grain, knots or sap wood, so it’s 100 per cent usable, you are using less of the lumber.”

With diminishing natural resources we should be more concerned with where are products are coming from and manufactured. BS&R is doing their part to provide clients with not only a beautiful product but also something sustainable and eco-friendly. Giving them the added benefits that come with using these materials and knowing they are doing something good for the environment too.

“Accoya is something all wood workers have been waiting for. It allows us to do the work we love without having to answer the question of rot and sustainability. We can provide a great product for our customers which will last a lot longer, is maintenance-free and won’t corrode,” concludes Madeiros.

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