ACCOYA WOOD – a sustainable and long lasting choice

Increasingly, architects are looking to specify products that are not only dimensionally stable and durable but also legal and sustainable.

Accoya® is one of the most advanced wood products on the market; it is a modified, highly durable and dimensionally stable real wood product. Using Accsys’ proprietary wood acetylation technology Accoya delivers outstanding levels of performance, stability and durability for outdoor use.

Specified around the world Accoya is warranted for 50 years in exterior use and 25 years when used in the ground, Accoya is durable as the highest quality tropical hardwoods.

A study with a Dutch window producer and a maintenance company shows that Accoya is initially more expensive but has a lower total cost than PVC, aluminum, pine and hardwood windows over the life of the home.

Save Money with Accoya Wood:

– Ensures lower maintenance costs

– Ensures longer time between maintenance

– Has extended durability and won’t need replacing for 50+ years

Accoya wood has shown improved coating lifetime performance with many types of coatings, resulting in extended maintenance intervals. The light color of Accoya wood allows for a wide range of color finishes. Improved stability means film-forming coating systems last up to two times longer.
Accoya wood is easier to coat, less preparation and sanding is required.

Accoya’s versatility makes it ideal for use in residential, commercial and industrial structures and is suitable for a wide range of external applications including windows, doors, decking, siding and much more.

Perfect for Bermuda

BS&R has found many uses for this brand that make it a great option in Bermuda.

“Accoya materials are perfect for Bermuda. Wood tends to rot quickly due to our climate, so Accoya can stand up to the elements better than cedar will on doors and shutters.” says BS&R General Manager Anthony Maderios.

BS&R has been able to utilize Accoya wood in a number of client projects. For instance decking projects have been built using Accoya for the sub-frame. Using Accoya for the framing means that it would outlast the ipe wood used on the deck versus using wolmanized/pressure treated pine framing. BS&R have  also have been able to use Accoya wood in a number of windows and shutters. Their Building Number 9 project, for Team Oracle USA, in Dockyard replaced over 100 windows with Accoya materials and has produced more projects for BS&R.

“Accoya is something all wood workers have been waiting for. It allows us to do the work we love without having to answer the question of rot and sustainability. We can provide a great product for our customers which will last a lot longer, is maintenance-free and won’t corrode,” concludes Madeiros.

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