A New Approach to Home Security

CRIMSAFE Security Screens – The best way to describe Crimsafe Security and Storm Screens is “Burglar Bar strength without the UGLY”. Crimsafe screens and doors are fabricated using a high tensile, 304 grade stainless steel wire mesh that is secured within an attractive, structural grade aluminum frame.  Our internationally patented screw clamp technology secures the mesh with a vice-like grip, making our security and storm screens the strongest screens available – PERIOD.

And, Crimsafe screens are designed to be aesthetically appealing so they look good on your home or business. We recognize beauty is only skin deep, so, let’s talk about the benefits you’ll get when you protect your home with Crimsafe. Our screens offer a clear, unobstructed view from your windows and doors while allowing for maximum airflow. You can leave your windows and doors open, and enjoy the fresh air without being concerned with bugs or mosquitos. Crimsafe screens and doors prevent bugs and mosquitos from entering your home; just another benefit of owning Crimsafe screens and doors.

Most importantly, Crimsafe security screens and doors are available with a category 4 hurricane rating which means you are not only protected from unwanted intruders, your home is protected from hurricanes and storms. There is no need to put up storm panels or plywood, and there is no need to worry about someone activating roll shutters in your absence.  Crimsafe has you covered.

All of Crimsafe’s doors are provided with a unique three-point lock system to allow you to sleep in peace, without fear of an intruder. Our window screens are available with a single motion release that allows you to get out of the house in the event of a fire or other emergency. That same single action release is also a full-length interlock that causes our window screen to lock up tighter, the more a potential intruder pries on it from the outside.  Did we mention that Crimsafe Security and Storm screens and doors produce a 53% reduction in solar heat gain? This means that your home will stay 10 – 14 degrees cooler, while reducing air conditioning costs?

Still not convinced? All Crimsafe screens and doors come with a 10 year warranty. For a free quote and to learn more about our products, contact Vinyltech, your authorized Crimsafe Dealer at 441-292-0276. Watch our screens in action at www.crimsafe.com/videos.

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