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If there is one thing we can say about Bermuda is – we care about our homes. What colour to paint our exteriors being the TOP of the list! On an island with very high humidity and majority of homes built with stone, we know what it means to choose the right paint. Be it the environment, the type of room or materials, right down to how you want your home to look and function – coming to an expert will ensure you’re picking the right paint for your project.

Island Paints specializes in the supply and tinting of paints, offering superior well-known brands such as BEHR. Knowing what’s out there in the market is key to finding the perfect paint for any project. BEHR paint is one of the most innovative paint brands in the world. This is one of the many reasons Island Paint decided to bring in BEHR over a year ago.

It is a paint that not only lasts but also has technology that resists dirt, scuffs, and mildew. This is a key factor for Bermuda’s unique climate. High temperature and humidity is a killer for paint, especially with so many of our houses made out of stone. Moisture and mildew can be a hazard on your walls. Many of BEHR’s products have formulas designed for a long-lasting finish that resists moisture, fading and stains as well as mildew and corrosion and even provides a mildew resistant finish.

Knowing what supplies and tools you need for a job can be a little overwhelming, and for those who like to stay on top of their contractors, knowing a bit about what they are purchasing for a job might help monitoring your overall budget.

Selecting your paint is just the start. If it’s your first time entering into a DIY project, we can offer help with instruction, advice and even a simple painting kit to start you out.

Our sister company, Stoney’s Tools & Accessories, offers customers expertise you can’t find anywhere else. It’s advice like this that is valuable when you are trying to do a project on your own or be knowledgeable when working with together with a contractor.

We carry a range of tools including power tools, tool bags, household sets, tool boxes as well as individual tools. In conjunction with the above, the business also sells large appliances and household items. Which is perfect when looking for larger items or any tools you need for a project.

Come and visit us at Well Bottom, Camp Road Warwick and let us help you with your next project. You’ll be surprised with our selection of products and services that we have available for you.

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