A Look Into – BE Solar: Value in Solar Energy

BE Solar is Bermuda’s most established solar and energy efficiency company. The company provides the most compelling investment opportunities for increasing the value of your home by implementing energy savings and installing solar photovoltaic (PV) electrical systems.


BE Solar focuses on developing holistic energy saving solutions for homes and business to help reduce energy consumption with the intent to create net zero BELCO bills. Investing in energy efficient products and solar is one of the smartest ways to increase the value of your property and earn significant financial returns. Not only do BE Solar PV systems pay for themselves within 5 to 6 years at a rate of return between 17% & 21%, BE Solar provide SolarWorld panels that offer the only 30 year guaranteed energy performance warranty in Bermuda offering long term financial savings and remarkable value.

BE Solar is the exclusive authorized distributor and installer of SolarWorld PV electric panels in Bermuda. SolarWorld has a 41 year track record with ZERO product recalls and manufacture panels in the USA and Germany only. SolarWorld panels are optimized for ‘real world’ conditions and provide no less than 86.85% power performance output after the first 30 years, far greater than competing solar panel brands, resulting in 31% more solar energy and financial savings. BE Solar offers the most robust solar panels ever brought into Bermuda known as the SolarWorld BiSun panels, which incorporate bifacial technology and are designed to produce additional energy using reflected light from Bermuda’s white roofs. BiSun panels are strong enough to withstand hurricane force winds, extreme salt and high humidity and stray golf or cricket balls better than any other solar panel available. BiSun panels will deliver more energy per kW overtime compared to other solar technologies offering a fantastic investment opportunity for homeowners and businesses. With the BiSun panels, homes and businesses will receive a 10-20% solar energy boost.

Built to Last

SolarWorld panels have surpassed the most severe International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) salt spray test conditions providing exceptional resistance to salt air & humidity. The superior design and robust panel construction is built to withstand severe impacts and category 5 hurricane force winds. Every component is tested to meet 3 times IEC requirements and built to maximize energy production in natural settings, not just laboratory conditions.

Gene Aitken, a BE Solar client, expressed his sentiments about BE Solar “I would recommend the company to anyone looking for value and extremely good customer service. This is a team that truly delivers what they promise and goes above and beyond!”

An Attractive look

Installing solar panels allows homes and businesses to take control and reduce or eliminate their energy bills. The BE Solar team is proud to work with SolarWorld to import a solar panel that is ideal for Bermuda. Not only is the BiSun bifacial panel the strongest panel available, its silver frame and transparent glass sheet between the solar cells is more attractive than other solar panels.

When one is looking to invest in their home or business, they should demand reliable solar panels that sustain and perform in Bermuda, from a trustworthy company, with extensive experience exclusively producing solar electric PV panels. BE Solar and SolarWorld stand behind their products and never cut corners, offering the most superior and reliable PV panel installations on the market that provide absolute real value for Bermuda homes and businesses.

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