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In a time where we seem to be so busy, there just doesn’t seem to be enough hours in the day to get everything done, Allow Me Real Estate and Concierge Services has found a way to fill the gap.

A former corporate executive assistant and property assistant manager, Allow Me owner Marlene Bicchieri believes that concierge services are just what Bermuda needs. As an experienced concierge professional, she is able to take care of all the little details and errands you find you are too busy to get to OR assist in times when you may be off the Island.

“While most people used to think of this service as a luxury, these days people are finding while they may have an increased income, they are being left very time poor”, says Bicchieri.

As part of Allow Me’s services, Marlene takes care of everything including: organizing parties and events, house management while people travel, shopping for Christmas cards and presents, retrieving documents, personal shopping including staging a home, even down to little things such as returning library books and paying bills just to name a few.

“By allowing me to run their errands, wait for their deliveries etc. I am giving clients back valuable time that they can now spend relaxing with family and friends”, explains Bicchieri.

Originally from Connecticut, this real estate broker found that concierge service worked well for her clients. Working in real estate, she quickly saw what’s involved not only in buying and selling a home but also in up keeping it and having it run smoothly. There are so many aspects to running a household and a life, and for those who find they just don’t have enough time or patience, Allow Me is there.

Yes, we are all capable of running our own errands, but if you were able to trade that time for being able to see your kids play or to catch up or repair old friendships or even simply have some time to take care of you, how much would that be worth to you? For Marlene it’s priceless, which is why she’s so passionate about it.

Many of her customers are professionals, single people and couples who work, essentially, people who have the resources but are left with little time. Sound familiar? Allow Me can also assist people who have difficulty with getting around, such as the elderly.

“I’m happy doing the little things” remarked Bicchieri, “as long as it’s legal I’ll do it.” According to one of her clients, “Hiring Allow Me was a big weight off our shoulders as she went above and beyond what we were expecting”.


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