A Contractors Point of View – Renovating your Outdoor Areas

April 2017 boasted some spectacular spring days with refreshing temperatures and clear blue skies. With summer just around the corner, many homeowners and residents are getting their outdoor living areas ready for enjoyment, and what better place than Bermuda, with its’ temperate climate, to construct a well thought-out outdoor living area, where one can enjoy the outdoors for the majority of the year.  As you consider your space, and getting the most use out of it, you may wish to consider the following:

Lunch is served!

BBQ, summer, and ice-cold libations go hand-in-hand so the addition of an Outdoor Kitchen can add appeal, value and functionality to the living space.  With a very simple design and build, you can create something that will encourage people to stay longer to enjoy the outdoor space, without having to traipse wet feet into the house, or interrupt the family pool volleyball tournament.  Consider including a BBQ, mini fridge and ice machine as entertaining staples.

Don’t rain on my parade!

For more reasons than one, we fully endorse having a weather-proof porch covering as a part of the outdoor space.  Whilst the pergola and sun awnings have appeal and benefit, a porch cover built from masonry, or painted concrete board over a pergola structure, makes the outdoor space weather proof from both rain and provides shelter from a relentless sun. Furthermore, when you are investing in additions such as your outdoor kitchen, you are best served to make sure it is covered from the elements. You can’t predict the weather, so make a space that has adequate coverage for when that downpour comes rolling in.

Bring on the Smores!

Make an allowance for a fire pit to your outdoor space.  Not only can the fire take the chill out of the air on a damp evening, the lure of a fire promotes togetherness and coziness. There are many temporary fire pit options available, but for a more permanent structure, consider a masonry pit, perhaps of natural Bermuda stone, to add to the aesthetic of your landscape. Add some Adirondack chairs, a couple of blankets, and prepare for some star gazing.

Add some Feng Shui to your life!

The sound and look of running water have many benefits which include minimizing stress, complimenting décor, and the creation of a soothing environment. Adding a water feature as a focal point to your outdoor living area can serve as a living art piece and truly add that ‘wow’ factor your to your outdoor living area. Options are almost limitless as to what can be created for you, be it large or small, associated with a pool, or in isolation.

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