Welcome to Our 8th Annual Contractors Awards!

When it comes to our homes, securing the ultimate contractor is a major priority to ensure that everything maintains its optimal appearance and functionality. When we discover an exceptional contractor, it becomes second nature to enthusiastically share our experiences online, with our social circles, family, friends and even with complete strangers.

We’re so excited to bring you our 8th Annual Contractors Awards and to celebrate all of those contractors and businesses who impact our homes, who have stood out in their field over the past year.

In the wake of the post-pandemic era, collaborating with strategic partners to ensure seamless project completion has become
more crucial than ever, particularly in Bermuda’s construction industry. Situated in the middle of the Atlantic, the industry faces unique challenges, including shifts in local planning regulations, global supply chain disruptions, and escalating prices. Despite these hurdles, Bermuda’s industry leaders have demonstrated resilience, continuously navigating the complexities and optimizing project efficiency.

Many residents have successfully identified reliable partners who not only meet their expectations but also exceed them, paving the way for more ambitious and inspired projects. While some homeowners explored do-it-yourself renovations during unexpected downtime in recent years, the reality is that we are now fully immersed in active project pursuits. As we strive to balance our home and work life, there is a renewed interest in outsourcing various dream projects to skilled professionals.

This resurgence emphasizes the significance of contractors in our homes. Whether it’s interior or exterior work, a minor plumbing repair, a kitchen back splash installation, or a comprehensive home renovation, understanding each contractor’s specialization is crucial. Identifying the right professionals ensures seamless project execution, meeting expectations and contributing to Bermuda’s construction success.

Our Contractors Awards aims to highlight both individuals and teams within a company who have stood out as the best in each of our 18 unique categories. Our awards also offer a great opportunity for contractors big and small to talk about their trade and share their expertise with the island through Island Living as an editorial expert so be on the lookout for some of our winners in future issues.

Let’s celebrate and support these individuals and teams that keep our homes functioning smoothly and looking their best!

Simon Tully, President, Construction Association of Bermuda

Alex DeCouto, President, Greymane

Sharika Tucci, Managing Director, Masterkey Management Ltd.

Angela Handwell, Sales & Rental Representative, Coldwell Banker

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