8 Outdoor Hacks to make your neighbours jealous!

The idea of DIY has changed considerably in recent times, both inside and outside of the home. Creative thinking and the rise of online video tutorials have enabled home-owners to revamp their properties and create some amazing spaces, even if they are operating on a tight budget. Here are a few simple, affordable, low budget backyard DIY ideas that will optimize your outdoor space.

Install Exterior Mirrors to Create the Illusion of Space in your Garden

While this may sound odd, clean and simple mirrors can be strategically placed in your garden to create the illusion of space. Whether you want to use interior mirrors or create a product that has been recycled from old windows is unimportant, as long as you fit them securely and position them in a way that makes your back garden appear bigger in size.

Make a Multi-Person Swing

Here’s another breathtakingly simple idea. It is possible to take a pallet and some discarded rope to create a functional, multi-purpose swing. Pallets can be sourced for free from local warehouses or supermarkets. Brand new lengths of rope can be purchased for a nominal fee of between $5 and $15, depending on the size. You can then secure the rope to each corner of the pallet. Remember to ensure that it is hung safely from a sturdy tree branch.

Use Exterior Latex Floor Paint to Bring your Patio to Life

The concrete tiles on your patio are an often overlooked aspect of your garden, but typically they can present a dull and faded aesthetic. You can correct this with a single tin of exterior latex floor paint. This will add color to your patio, while giving the surface tough and long-lasting protection. Be sure to apply two coats, and use non-glare paint to create a low level of sheen.

Invest in Low Cost Rope Lighting to Line the Boundary of your Garden

Rope lighting is sold in fixed lengths. It’s waterproof, and can be used to line the boundary of your garden, creating a chain of light that illuminates the space at light. You can even put it on an automated timer. You can also use ropes as dividers to separate the rope from the lawn or decking.

Install a Chalkboard Outside to Create a Multi-purpose Play Area

Rather than creating extravagant solutions to embellish your garden, you can sometimes make simple additions that will revolutionize the space and drastically improve the layout. Create a large chalkboard using plywood and chalkboard paint. By securing it to a fence, you can turn your garden into a recreational area with multiple dimensions where children can express their creativity. It can also serve as a positive focal point for their interaction and activity.

Develop Dens and Play Pods from Shower Curtains and Hula Hoops

In terms of creating an interactive and fun space where children can play, it is important to offer them a colorful den or hide away. This can be created extremely cheaply, simply by suspending hula hoops from a tree branch Then attach a shower rail using clips to the perimeter of the hoop. Now your children have a play pod that they can make their own.

Create a DIY Outdoor Bar

Create a functional bar using two wooden pallets. Cut a 1-inch by 3-inch board from a hardware store into four pieces. Using a drill, attach the two pallets using the four wooden strips. Paint the palettes in whatever color you like and let them dry. Attach 3 paving stones on top using cement glue.

Create a Unique Terracotta Pot Table

To make a table from a terracotta pot, you’ll need a large terracotta pot, a large terracotta tray, and outdoor paint that will weather well. Be sure the pot is tall enough to sit at a good height for a table and make sure the tray sits on top of the pot without sinking in. Paint the bottom edge of the pot rim and the edge of the tray. You’ll have a unique outdoor table that can also act as a storage spot.

Adapted from www.lifehack.org

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