7 Packed Lunch Hacks

Expert Advice from Keelin Hankin BSc RD, Registered Dietitians at Island Nutrition

Lunchtimes can be tricky from tempting meals at local restaurants or grills to readily available office treats. Packing a lunch is great way to save money as well as helping to maintain a healthy balanced diet.

1. Prepare

Prep and chop some fruit and/or veggies at the beginning of the week or at the weekend so they are easy to grab and have in a salad or as a snack.  If making a fruit salad or fruit slices then squeeze over some lemon juice to prevent them from discoloring.

2. Involve the Kids

If you are packing lunches for your kids, involve them as much as possible in the process. Ask them to clean out their lunch boxes and pack their choices for the next day: a fruit, something from the veggie drawer, cheese and a yogurt are all great additions. Kids are more likely to eat the items they choose to put in their lunch and this will also save you time! You can then add a sandwich, wrap or other main item when they are done.

3. Leftovers

Using dinner leftovers are a great idea to save time and reduce waste. Pack a portion before serving the dinner so you don’t have to worry about this when rushing to work in the morning or taking the kids to school and you won’t be tempted to finish the leftovers as seconds! Use leftovers creatively for example, if having fajitas for dinner then you could pack this for lunch the next day as a salad or burrito bowl with chicken, beans, veggies, avocado and salsa.

4. Organise

Have a back up staple ready to go. This could be some cooked chicken, salad or hard-boiled eggs. In the winter, soup is a great option for the freezer if we haven’t had time to get to the supermarket.

5. Lunch Box

Use a reusable lunch box that keeps things fresh and chilled.

6. Buddy Up

Trying to resist going out for lunch? Find a friend or coworker to eat lunch with at the park or in the staff room. You could even alternate who brings the lunch.

7. Pick a Few Days

If taking a packed lunch to work every day is too difficult then choose a few days per week when you will bring lunch to work.

If you feel you would benefit from support from a Registered Dietitian, please contact us at Island Nutrition on 295-4082 or at info@islandnutrition.bm.

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