2020 Renovations!

So you’re thinking about bathroom renovations?

Here’s what you should know before you start!

You’ve probably been thinking about it for months, dreaming about the possibilities, flicking through magazines and pinning ideas on Pinterest. A bathroom renovation can be an exciting yet daunting project.

We spoke with Vince Hunt from DHPS Limited, the winner of Island Property’s 2018 Best Plumbing Contractor Award, to see what you can do to relieve the stress from what should be an exciting and rewarding investment in your home.

A bathroom refit is a serious endeavor that you’ll likely do only once. You can avoid these three most common mistakes in your bathroom redo.

Poor Planning

The most successful renovation projects are those that are properly planned. Do the research and know exactly what you want. Be very clear on the outcomes before you begin – how it will look and how it will work. Know what you expect and communicate that to your tradespeople and then stick with it, because chopping and changing adds time and expense.

Thinking it’s Easy

Clients can be lured into thinking that a ‘small change’ is not a big deal and it won’t cost a lot. As much as we wish that was true, it’s not. Even small things can be costly, and it all adds up. Small changes are the fastest way to blowout your budget.

Not Thinking for the Long-term

Your new bathroom is something that you’re going to live with for another 30 years, so think of it as a permanent decision. When you’re selecting styles, shop around and think of its functionality 20 years from now. Balance practicality with style.

Watching home repair TV shows can be inspiring but keep in mind that there will always be something else that’s new, so choose for a long-term fit, not only on fashion trends.

Even in a small bathroom, replacing a tub, sink and toilet plus tiling and painting, you’re looking at a costly investment. Vince suggests protecting your investment by appointing a project manager for the renovation; it’ll save you time and money and will help to avoid some common mistakes.

A project manager can help you with balancing design and implementation costs before you begin, and the professional insight can identify things that may impact the project before it becomes an issue. They will save you from the stress of coordinating each aspect of the job.

Your bathroom renovation project will involve a number of tradespeople; plumbers, electrician, tiler, mason, painter and in some cases a carpenter. One task usually depends on another being complete, so it’s helpful to have someone coordinating your tradespeople to save you the hassle of managing multiple people and their schedules. They will create the schedule and ensure that everyone sticks to it.

If you’re contemplating a bathroom renovation, consider the age of your plumbing and whether you have galvanized piping that needs to be replaced. Now would be the time to do that. Some customers decide to do the renovation because they have a leak and while they’re replacing the plumbing with Vince, they’ll make the most of the opportunity and update their outdated fittings for a new-look bathroom.

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