10 Tips to Eat Well for Less

As we all know it can sometimes be difficult to eat healthily on a budget here in Bermuda. Here are some tips to help:

  1. Try Not to Waste Food

Did you know food waste alone now represents 22% of Bermuda’s total garbage? Be strict about buying only what you will eat. Plan your meals so all the ingredients on your list get used and freeze anything leftover that is due to go out of date.

  1. Write a Shopping List

Plan ahead and try not to go shopping on an empty stomach as we tend to buy more.

  1. Buy Frozen, Tinned or Canned

Buying frozen/tinned/canned fruit and vegetables is key to eating healthy on a budget. They come pre-chopped and ready to use. Not only are frozen fruits and vegetables just as healthy as buying fresh, they can be more convenient to cook! Just remember to rinse the salt of canned veggies if you have a tendency to high blood pressure. Buy canned fruits in juices rather than syrup where possible.

  1. Batch Cooking

Cook up big batches of meals such as chilli/bolognese/meat sauce/soup whilst bulking this out with lean meats or vegetables. This can then be frozen and saved for packed lunches or dinner for another day.

  1. Meat free Mondays!

Meat and fish are typically the most expensive food items on a shopping list. Try cutting down on your meat intake and add pulses/legumes (beans, lentils, chickpeas) to meat dishes to make your meals go further. Pulses and legumes can be some of the least expensive foods on the supermarket shelf. They are low in calories but packed with vitamins, minerals and fibre. They even count towards your 5 fruit and vegetables a day!

  1. Packed Lunch

Take a packed lunch and snacks to work to avoid those costly lunchtime meals.

  1. Freeze Leftover Bread

Preferably in portions (for convenience) and when it’s at its freshest (for taste). Store in an airtight container if possible to avoid “freezer burn”

  1. Buy Cheaper Cuts

If you are able to take a little more time with your cooking then buying cheaper cuts of meat such as chicken thigh or braising steak could save you quite a bit of money. These cuts tend to take a little longer to cook and contain more fat than leaner cuts.

  1. Surf the Web

Cheap does not have to sacrifice taste! Looking online for recipes on a budget can be great inspiration for some healthy meals – as well as supplying you with a shopping list.

  1. Buy Chicken Whole

From a whole chicken you will get 2 breasts, 2 thighs, drumsticks and wings plus a carcass for making stock.

If you are concerned about your or your child’s nutritional health and feel you would benefit from support from a Registered Dietitian please contact us at Island Nutrition on 295-4082 or at reception@islandnutrition.bm.

Expert Advice from Keelin Hankin BSc RD, Registered Dietitian at Island Nutrition

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